Good luck!

Good luck to all of our College of Forestry students as deadlines for projects and studying for final exams commence. For some quick study tips, visit this website:

Also, good luck and congratulations to all of our graduating seniors!

As all of our students approach the end of this term, keep this in mind. It’s never too early to submit your work experience forms. Once you get back from the summer, stop by the Student Services Office to pick up our green forms and get them submitted ASAP. We’ve been hammering this home all year and it looks like it’s been working!

As a final note, I want to thank all of our College of Forestry students, faculty, and staff for making my time with the college a positive experience. There are brilliant people in Corvallis, and I am grateful that I got to spend some time with some folks with really deep knowledge about things I was utterly clueless on. Thanks CoF!

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