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Intelligent cloakroom

Usually when people go out, trying on clothes is a very troublesome thing, hurry to go out, resulting in a wardrobe always messy. So I designed a more intelligent dressing room, including a smart mirror and wardrobe. The buttons on the mirror control the whole wardrobe, and the clothes inside are classified by color, style and so on. As long as the clothes are placed in a cabinet, they can be identified and classified inside. More convenient is, people can find the clothes they want through the mirror, carry on the collocation and the selection, can simulate fitting room, through the selection of good clothes, intelligent wardrobe will automatically handed out.I think this design can help people to solve the trouble before going out and most girls can’t find clothes.

The problem that always bothers people is that they always mess up their closets and try on clothes before they go out. Just finishing the wardrobe, again and again, to mess up, really troublesome.

If you have a smart dressing room, you can solve these problems by arranging clothes with a single button and simulating matching in a mirror.