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The tools that I used for the project were a laptop and a legal copy of Windows 7 Business Edition. To create the modules, I used WordPress to type the instructions first. Using the edit screen, I chose to put the page under Teach. I used Microsoft Print Screen along with pictures from geek.com to generate pictures for the step by step process. To use the print screen technique, simply hit print screen, and go to paint and hit paste. The screen as you hit the print screen should show up as a picture! This picture was then saved and used for the report. I used insert picture button located in WordPress and inserted the pictures from my computer onto the screen. I put these pictures in the middle to make the site more clean and precise.

The new skills that I learned was understanding how the partition worked. I tried to install this operating system on a different computer and the options for which hard drive to install on was far more complicated. There were twelve different options! Still, Windows was very organized and listed the titles and how big each hard drive was allowing me to choose with ease where to install the program. I also learned about the different speeds of computers, as a larger number does not always mean its faster. A “duel core” processor with a lower number (1 Ghz) is much faster than a single core with a higher number (3 Ghz). Now I understand more of the computer terms and can install the operating system on most computers!

The hardest challenge was understanding some of the computer lingo that Microsoft posted in its system requirements.  Half the system requirements that in my module required research and help from the Microsoft site.  An example is Direct X 9. I read this and didn’t have a clue what it does. Later after research, I found out it helps with programs such as media and games. Direct X decodes these programs for your computer to run them.

Knowing my luck with computers, I will no doubt need to install Windows 7 again. There may be a chance that I will be fed up with Windows entirely and move on to a Mac. However, being in engineering, I am stuck using Windows due to compatibility issues. Therefore, although I hope I do not need to do this again, I will most likely come back and install Windows 7 for the hundredth time!

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