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When I created this project I decided to use Microsoft Excel as I was most familiar with the tool. I have used the program in my statistics class, and have also used it for several important financial tasks. To start, I tabulated my numbers for my financial spendings recently in each square box. I labeled them properly and then used the bold box tool to box each square to make them look appealing to the human eye. Once my numbers and description were set,  I generated the total amount of money I spent with the following function : Sum(A1:A9). This allowed excel to calculate the total amount of money I had spent without the use of a calculator.  This function is very useful and I proceeded to use this in my dream calculations as well. I began to realize that I need to organize the material better, so I merged cells to make the whole sheet look neat. The default boxes weren’t big enough so I stretched them out to fit better. Finally I realized that the file needed to be in pdf. format. I downloaded the pdf converter for Microsoft Excel 2007 and it did the rest! All I had to do was save the file in pdf format and I was done! I would recommend everyone use this program as it was really easy! It doesn’t try to trick you, and numbers will appear as they should. There are some shortcuts that can make your life easier, but even a non-computer savy person like myself can do it!

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