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My dream is to live in Hawaii for a year, working a small job while surfing and enjoying the beach during my off times. Of course I would work in the evening so I could enjoy the sun and surfing! This dream is important because I have always lived in cold or wet weather. I agree up in Alaska and moved to Oregon, so a warm environment would be a nice change. Also I went to Hawaii recently and was very happy with the weather and climate, and would most certainly like to live there.

I looked at some others who had the same dream, but also accomplished this and was pleasantly surprised. According to David Wu, all he did was stay at hostels and work at a small office job. Other than that he was hiking and hanging out at the beach. He did mention that craigslist would become my best friend though if I was to try this approach. His experience actually would be what I am going for. Just a year off, with a small job and a nice war climate! Although everything was expensive, it doesn’t take much to survive there. I feel that as long as budget is planned, I won’t have any trouble.

One barrier I can think of is finding a job in Hawaii! The economy is low right now, which results in a harder time finding a job. Another problem that may arise is the amount of hostels that are filled up. It is important to find a place that one can stay for a cheap price! What may help is craigslist and other people at the hostel. Both these can help suppress the cost as craigslist finds cheap items and connection with people usually results in cheaper deals, etc.

I would need a ticket to Hawaii, which wouldn’t be cheap to begin with, but that is a small price to pay for something such as warm weather and beautiful scenary. I love the sun sets at the beach and nowhere else I have been to fits that criteria. This is the place I want to go, and my dream can be very plausible if I plan it out right!

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