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How women in that culture and time period use(d) technology is discussed.

Since Piper was an engineer, computers have essentially gone hand and hand. Oregon State University is one of several universities that require its engineers to own a laptop as several classes use word processing and Matlab programming on a daily basis. This requirement goes for male and female engineers, therefore influencing females to become more accustom with computers. This may also be the reason why women users in computer have risen.  According to a recent study by the government, 84% of women use computers as oppose to 82% of men. This is a reverse from 1980 to 1990 when men used the computer more than women. (US Government) As an astronaut in the last century, technology is essential part of the job. Computers, sensor bars, and robot arms are just some of the things astronauts train and uses every day. Women in NASA use computers to almost a ma

Space Shuttle Cockpit. There are several different computers involved that would require extenisve training.

Space Shuttle Cockpit. There are several different computers involved that would require extenisve training.

jority of their work, and being a female astronaut is no exception.  Most of these female astronauts are mission specialists, and like Piper have an engineering degree.  However there was one exception. Sharon Christa McAuliffe was the first teacher to fly in space. She was selected from among more than 11,000 applicants from the education profession for entrance into the astronaut ranks and had no engineering degree or background in technology. Payload specialists on early missions were technical experts to accompany specific payloads such as a commercial or scientific satellite. On Spacelab and other missions with science components, payload specialists were scientists with expertise in specific experiments.

As an engineer, I have personally seen more women in my field.  The requirements for understanding technology have become essential in a world that seems to be changing with each passing day; therefore women are involved with this process as much as men.  Without knowledge in computers, a person, male or female cannot become an astronaut. The equipment in a shuttle is simply too complicated to understand without background of computers at the very least. That is why NASA gives an 8 month training course on all the computer and equipment for their selected astronauts program.

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