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Week 10-DONE!

I learned a lot about the differences that women are treated. There are a lot of sterotypes that barrier the advancement of women technology which resulted in a bias feminist image. I feel like I met the course objectives and have come out of this class with a rich knowledge of women in technology. It will be useful in my career as I will be working with women who have been subjected to stereotypes and will understand where they come from if conflict ever were to arise. I will also apply this to education, as feminism is a subject that does arise. I will now have the facts to back up  my arguments.  I believe course does exemplify feminist pedagogy as we were more responsible for the creation of knowledge than that of a traditional classroom. Thanks for a great job of teaching! I enjoyed and will benefit from this class in the future!


Well I have just completed the Financial Analysis, and it was definitely less work then the culture project. It was still very interesting to see what it would be like to live in Hawaii for a year. It would definitely be more challenging then I thought. Also a lot more spendy! Microsoft Excel was very helpful in completing this project though as it did a lot of calculations for me. I didn’t really have a chance to use the other tools as Excel was my first choice. However I feel like I learned a lot from this project and hopefully the next Teach project will be just as interesting. I looked over the objects and believe that it will be! I hope to teach someone how to do something electronic such as hooking up there TV to a sound system or setting up a computer! Also teaching some math or engineering would be fun too! I also like to teach little kids, as they are  eager to learn about new things.

Financial Project

I would like to live in Hawaii for a year. I have been there once and enjoyed the weather, the people, and the food. The days were very warm as shorts are a common apparel. I do realize that its a bit expensive to live there, but a nice apartment and descent job would be sufficient ( no need for fancy things ).

Inserting Pictures

This was a much easier process! I tried using alt 0169, but for some reason the C symbol didn’t show up. Other then that, this was a pretty basic step and I didn’t have too much trouble! I am looking forward to the next project!

Culture Paper Progress

I think i am pretty much done with this paper! It definitely took longer than expected, but I believe its finished! There were was one or two book out there, but NASA proved to be a very good site to get information on Piper. I also found a few journal articles about what she did in space. The equipment she used was very easy to find since she was an astronaut! I also realize that 2000 words is very long!

Librarian Talk

I had an opportunity to chat with a librarian recently via online yesterday about my culture cite. She gave me several sources that would be helpful in my research about my culture cite individual. First she suggested searching for Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper by simply typing her in at the OSU library web site. If information was to be lacking, one should go to the OSU journal site and see if there are any more information on her. Of course this was to find “official” articles on Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper and not just simply typing her name in google and hitting search. There was also a list of reference books in the library that may have Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper in them.

After looking at both these search techniques I found a few journal articles and one book on Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper. It was a disappointing find to say the least, as I was hoping to find more in terms of technology of what she did. They did have very good description of trends in her gender/class/industry/country. There were lots of information in that area. There were also several articles on how women were treated and act during her period of time which was about 10 years ago. Therfore, it was easy to related since I was alive then!

I hope to do more research about her technology aspect. There are several articles on google, but I am hoping I don’t have to depend on those to look for imformation!

The woman who I will be researching on is Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper.  She is a former astronaut who was part of the crew that began repairing the international space station.  She is from St. Paul, Minnesota  and is married with one son.

As an astronaut she has repaired several different components of the space station. Some of them include installing the massive P3/P4 truss and two sets of solar arrays. She and Joe Tanner also replaced an S-Band Antenna, signal processor and transponder that transmits voice and data to the ground and retrieved an external science payload for return to earth.

She was born on February 7, 1963 and is still alive today.  If I interviewed her I would probably ask her what its like to be on the space craft. Also I would ask if there were any adversity in becoming a female astronaut.  Finally, as a female engineer did you feel you were a minority at MIT?

Setup experience Part 2

This week, it was a little more complicated. There was way more to do, and at times I was lost! However I believe I have achieved all my goals at a days end of work!

Setup Experience

The setup was very easy to follow and straightforward! It wasn’t confusing at all and the instructions are easy to follow.  I enjoy using this system.