Total number of Century Farms and Ranches grows to 1,212

Each year the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program honors families who have continuously farmed or ranched portions of their original family acreage for more than 100 years. That distinction makes them some of the longest-lasting family businesses in the state.

This year, 12 new families will join 1,200 already recognized Century Farms and Ranches in Oregon. In addition, two families will be honored as Sesquicentennial Farms & Ranches; a designation awarded when a farm reaches 150 years of continuous family operation.

Families will be honored at a ceremony at the Oregon State Fair on Saturday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. in the Picnic Grove Area. The public is welcome to attend this special event that celebrates Oregon’s agricultural heritage.

The Austin Family Business Program congratulates the Century and Sesquicentennial Farm and Ranch families being honored in 2018:

J.G. Kuenzi Farm, H.M.K., 1917-Lyle and Nelson Kuenzi, Kuenzi Brothers Farms, LLC

Watts Ranch, 1910- James C. Watts

Brown Farm, 1912-Chris E. Brown

Wilsonview Dairy Inc., 1918 Don, Desi, Derrick, & Kaycee Josi

Henry W. Jones Farm, 1918-Steve & Gretchen Jones Select Seed Promised LLC

Howard Ranch, 1884Richard & Dorothy Howard Allstott

Rockwell-Doherty, 1906-Richard Doherty Brand X Ranch LLC

 Tilla-Bay Farms, Inc., 1918Bart, Terry, & Kurt Mizee

DeLano Farms, 1916 Karen & Sharon DeLano; Renata Squier,

Sandoz Farm, 1880-Ted Sandoz

The Beitel Farm, 1915-John Beitel

Tideman Johnson Farm,1880-Steve Johnson

Mullen Farms, 1852- Gerald P. & Kathleen A.; James H. & Nadine L. Mullen (Sesquicentennial)

Robinson, Stillwell, Taggart Farm, 1844-John & Lois Taggart (Sesquicentennial)

Visit the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program online for more information.

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