This page provides an overview of the general timeline and milestones for Phase 1. See also:

Phase 1: Timeline and milestones

Sept.-Dec. 2017:

  • Content teams: Evaluate and organize existing content, prioritize content and identify gaps, Revise and create new content (as needed)
  • EESC:
    • Hold kickoff and follow-up meetings with content teams
    • Continue technology development and initial wireframes/design/theming
    • Move internal content (employee resources) moved to new site

December 2017:

  • Preview new web presence at Extension Annual Conference

January – May 2018:

  • Content teams:
    • Evaluate and organize existing content, prioritize content and identify gaps,
    • Revise and create new content as needed
    • Enter content in new website (Began March 2018)
  • EESC:
    • Continue meetings with content teams as needed
    • Recruit and hire content strategist
    • Refine framework (programming, design)
    • Internal user testing
    • Initial training
    • Ongoing training, support, consultation as content teams begin to enter content
    • Import centrally-managed content

June 1, 2018: New Extension web presence launches (Phase 1)

Our minimum viable product approach means we launched with essential features and priority content.

Trainings and website tours were provided in a series of webinars and group meeting immediately following the launch.  See FAQs and See Trainings


  • Communication: Regular blog updates including status updates, FAQs, content team progress, previews/examples, etc.
  • Content strategy: Content teams, program areas, and EESC collaborate to develop, refine content strategy
  • Content management: After launch, content teams manage content on Extension web presence (assess needs, evaluate, prioritize, create/revise, publish, maintain, retire)

Phase 1: Completed

  • O&E exec green light, form steering committee, announce project
  • Research and discovery work (users, scope, SWOT, current status, analytics)
  • Discovery report** (what we know, where we are, where we need to be)
  • Strategy work (content audit, priorities, options, implications, resources)
  • Strategy report** (how we will get where we need to go).
  • Identify/confirm contacts for site managers/decision makers for each website in the OSU Extension family.
  • Preliminary development: With CWS, set up necessary servers and development sites.
  • Identify essential features/functions/content and develop initial content strategy for new OSU Extension CMS/main web presence.
  • July/August 2017: Digital strategy review/approval from O&E exec team
  • September 2017: Digital strategy overview meetings with program leaders, regional administrators
  • November 2017: Internal (employee resources) content moved to new site (“intranet”)
  • December 2017-June 2018: Webinar trainings and meetings with content teams and county offices
  • June 2018: Launch of the website

** Key point for O&E executive team input, direction, decision

Phase 2: Timeline coming soon

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