In Phase 1, OSU Extension’s new web presence will launch with essential features and highest-priority content (“minimum viable product” approach). See timeline for details.

Features to be developed during phase 2 will be identified, prioritized and developed after the initial website launch.

Priority decisions are made according to the project’s guiding criteria.

Phase 1 Essential Features/functions

Note:  Many of these features will have additional functionality added during Phase 2.


  • Mobile friendly/responsive design
  • Menu/navigation based on what people want to do, learn, or search for
  • User-friendly tags/categories (relevant to customers–not just to us)
  • Accessibility and usability needs and requirements
  • Improved search functions, including showing related content
  • Increased visual content (e.g., photos, videos), and improved tools for doing this


  • People/locations directory: This is a centrally managed database that will be shared with or related to nearly all other content in our CMS. A priority is making it easier for customers to find contact info for people and locations, no matter where or how they enter our site.
  • Extension webforms: The Out of State Travel and Professional Development Fund Application forms are used often and are tied to the people directory.
  • Online calendar: Support and improve (to extent possible) current features available for sharing calendars online
  • County dashboards: Dynamically include contact info, staff directory, link to interim county sites
  • Topic dashboards: Revisit and improve idea of “community pages” from previous website (this is where we start to develop and apply content strategy)
  • Location tags: Add location information to content to extent possible (will enable future interactive map functions)
  • Social media integration: Easily sharable content, and embedded/more visible social media (more than just a Facebook link in the sidebar)
  • Ask an Expert: Featured prominently and better explained (data shows AaE is helping us reach new audiences, and user feedback indicates preference for interacting with an “expert” via email–AaE does exactly this)
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