Content for Phase 1 of the new OSU Extension web presence, will include content that supports priority features and highest-priority content from the current main OSU Extension website.

Content Audit

We did a content audit of the main OSU Extension website, including reviewing news, garden articles, and “how to communities.” The audit included reviewing website traffic over the last year, content revision dates, and a brief evaluation of how much work would be needed to revise or update content. Content priorities were set based on project research and the project’s guiding criteria.

What about content on county and program sites?

Content on these sites is not part of Phase 1. Content to be developed during Phase 2 will be identified, prioritized and developed in consultation with content owners after the Phase 1 website launch.

Phase 1 Essential Content


  • Menu/navigation based on what people want to do, learn, or search for
  • User-friendly tags/categories (relevant to customers–not just to us)
  • Increased visual content (e.g., photos, videos)


  • Find us more quickly and easily: Add prominent, easy, and quick ways for customers to find contact info for people and locations, no matter where or how they enter our site.
  • Find county content: County dashboards will dynamically include contact info, staff directory, and link to interim county sites.
  • Find content by topic: Topic dashboards will improve the idea of “community pages” from the previous website (this is where we start to develop and apply content strategy).
  • Find an expert answer: Ask an Expert will be featured prominently and better explained. (Data shows AaE is helping us reach new audiences, and user feedback indicates preference for interacting with an “expert” via email–AaE does exactly this.)
  • Find the latest news and helpful garden tips–on your terms: Customers will be able to access these article in multiple ways, including by topic.
  • Find events: Content will be created to support and improve (to extent possible) current features available for sharing calendars online.

Note: During phase 2, content will be further developed and expanded.

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