Questions to Ask

Here are some roles you may take on related to creating, updating, or promoting content, and the questions to ask when thinking about your goals and who the content is for.

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This page includes resources we’ve found useful in exploring, understanding, and applying content strategy. Check these out, and let us know your thoughts. And if you find a useful resource, please contact us!

While this type of a digital strategy has been common in industry for some time, it’s less common higher education and Extension. But that’s starting to shift. Here are a few examples:

Online Resources

Not your father’s Extension! The transformation of an organizational model. [Webinar recording] M. Wirth, J. Emigh, Penn State Extension. 2016.
In this webinar we will give a sneak peek at the new Penn State Extension and an overview of the strategy, the structure, and the status, as well as lessons learned along the way.

ATLAS: A new age for Extension. [Seminar recording] M. Wirth, J. Emigh, Penn State Extension. 2015.
The ATLAS system will seamlessly integrate content management, e-commerce and marketing, customer relations, and communication into Penn State Extension’s daily workflow.

Content strategy basics. [Webpage from] 2016.
Short overview of content strategy components, life cycle, and best practices.

Content strategy for everything. [Slideshare presentation] K. Halvorson. 2015.
Overview presentation by co-author of the definitive, go-to handbook: Content Strategy for the Web (see below).

Content strategy in popular culture. [Recorded conference presentation] DrupalCon New Orleans, 2016.
By exploring how crucial aspects of content strategy play out in movies, music, even comic books and video games, we’ll expand the palette of language we can use to explain and convince more people about the importance of content strategy online, and ensure they understand that it’s not just vital, but fun, as well.

How the Sausage Gets Made: The Hidden Work of Content [Article from A List Apart] C. Roberts. 2017.
The author dispels the myth of the “content hose” or “automagical tool” and provides suggestions for improving the content entry process.


Content Strategy for the Web, 2nd edition. K. Halvorson, M. Rach. 2015.
For organizations all over the world, Content Strategy for the Web is the go-to content strategy handbook.

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