Our new web strategy is focused on bringing the breadth and depth of OSU Extension content into one place. Program and topic content teams are crucial to this effort.

Here, you can find information about each content team and their progress to date.

Thank you to the people listed below for stepping up to serve as members of content teams. We appreciate your time and commitment! Your early efforts will pave the way for all of us to have an awesome web presence!

Thanks also to our Program Leaders, for your support and collaboration.

Special Thanks

Gold star to Sea Grant, for being the first to notify us of their content team!

“Superhuman” award for Kris Elliott, new Outdoor School program leader who is a team of one (for now)! Kris’s optimism and enthusiasm are inspiring.

Program Content Teams

4-H Youth Development

Members: Candi Bothum (co-lead), Karissa Dishon (co-lead), 4-H Communication and Marketing Strategic Planning Committee, Jamie Davis

Status: Hosted strategy overview presentation for statewide team on 9/27/2017. Kickoff meeting held 10/25/2017. Follow-up meeting scheduled for 11/21/2017.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Teams and members:

  • Small Farms: Garry Stephenson (lead), Chrissy Lucas, Lauren Gwin
  • Food Safety: Jovana Kovacevic (lead), Lisbeth Goddik, Jung Kwon, Lauren Gwin
  • Home Horticulture: Gail Langellotto (lead), Amy Jo Detweiler, Weston Miller

Status: First 3 content teams formed.

  • Small Farms content kickoff meeting held 10/13/2017. Follow-up meeting held 10/27/2017.
  • Food Safety content kickoff meeting scheduled for 11/16/2017.
  • Home Horticulture kickoff meeting scheduled for 11/21/2017.
  • Webinar with statewide team held 11/3/2017.

Family & Community Health/SNAP-Ed

Members: Rose Jepson-Sullivan (lead), Sara Wilson (nutrition), Jeanne Brandt (food preservation), Tonya Johnson (community work, physical activity), Marion Ceraso (community work), Vince Adams (data), Siew Sun Wong (campus specialist, nutrition), Teresa Crowley (staff, will get input on gerontology, parenting, early childhood)

Status: Hosted strategy overview presentation for statewide team on 9/25/2017. Kickoff meeting held 10/18/2017. Follow-up meeting scheduled for 11/15/2017.

Forestry & Natural Resources

Members: Carrie Berger (lead), Tiffany Fegel, Glenn Ahrens, Lauren Grand, Nicole Strong

Status: Kickoff meeting held 10/3/2017. Follow-up meeting held 11/2/2017.

Open Campus

Members: Emily Henry, Hollie Conger, Hayden Bush, Ana Gomez

Status: Kickoff meeting held 10/12/2017. Follow-up meeting held 10/26/2017. Second follow-up meeting scheduled for 11/16/2017.

Outdoor School

Members: Kris Elliott

Status: Kickoff meeting held 11/3/2017.

Sea Grant

Members: Rick Cooper and Adriene Koett-Cronn

Status: Kickoff meeting held 9/29/2017. Follow-up meeting held 10/13/2017. Second follow-up meeting scheduled for 11/27/2017.

What does a content team do?

Content Team Leader: Act as a single point of contact and liaison between program area/content team and EESC


  • Evaluate and organize existing content (content on program, county sites, etc.)
  • Prioritize content and identify gaps
  • Revise and create new content (as needed)

Early 2018

  • Enter content in new web framework


  • Manage content on Extension web presence (assess need, prioritize, create/revise, publish, maintain, retire)
  • Collaborate to develop content strategy (across programs and with EESC)
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