Here’s a quick update on what’s happening in the next two weeks, plus a checklist for content teams.

Status and timeline update:

  • Launch: We are still aiming for initial launch in March. Working toward this goal involves all of us–especially the project team, content teams, content owners, and program leaders. The ultimate “go live” decision will be made by Extension leadership, with input from program leaders and the project team.
  • Content entry: Our goal was to open the site to content teams for initial content entry in late January or early February. We’re pushing that to late February to ensure the experience is as productive and hassle-free as possible for content teams. The basic framework and functions are developed. We are taking extra time to be sure the back-end forms and front-end displays are clean, simple, and user-friendly.
  • This week, the project team is working on:
    • Permission testing (making sure content teams will be able to do what they need to do, and not see extraneous information and settings)
    • User testing (Four meetings with alpha testers are scheduled. These individuals will test the content entry process. We will note what works well, or is challenging or confusing, and make adjustments.)
    • Continued programming and basic design
  • Next week, the focus will be:
    • Creating basic training guides and short videos for content teams
    • Continued programming and basic design
    • As-needed advice and Q&A with content teams

Are you ready for content entry?

Content teams

Content teams are continuing to work together with colleagues statewide to organize content in preparation for initial content entry. We know several teams are in a holding pattern, having done as much organization and planning as possible until being able to see actual content in context in the new website. Here is a quick checklist for content teams.

Signs your team is ready for initial content entry

You have:

  • Identified primary audiences and goals for your content
  • Inventoried your content (You know what you are creating and where it “lives” now.)
  • Started to evaluate content (e.g., current, accurate, user-focused, relates to program goals)
  • Started to categorize content (e.g., type of content, related topics and keywords)
  • Set priorities, and have a general sense of what content is most important to have in the new system at launch


If you have a question about specific content that you own or manage and haven’t yet had a conversation with the relevant content team, now’s the time!

The project team continues to make good progress on several Phase 1 milestones in the OSU Extension web upgrade project.

Identify/confirm contacts
Site managers and decision makers have been identified for each site. We appreciate your help!

Features & functions
In our last post, you learned we identified and prioritized features for development during Phase 1.  We have started development on selected features, starting with the people/locations directory.

Content strategy
On the “Learn with us” page on the project blog, we’ve added additional resources we’ve found useful in exploring, understanding, and applying content strategy. We invite you to learn alongside the project team. Check these out, and let us know your thoughts!

What’s next

  • Continue to develop Phase 1 features.
  • Continue to identify initial user-friendly tags/categories.
  • Continue to audit and prioritize content for main OSU Extension site, Phase 1.

Learn more
Visit the OSU Extension web upgrade project blog for more project details. Please contact the project team with any questions. Your feedback will help us improve our communication plan and the project blog, especially the FAQs.