Later this week we’ll add a new focus area template to each county that will be unpublished until you add your county’s unique information. This can include information on accessing food (food pantries, meal sites, and school lunches), health care (Oregon Health Plan) and financial assistance. See the screenshot below.

To use this focus area:

  • Review the information
  • Delete any information that isn’t relevant for your county
  • Add local contacts for the remaining relevant information (name and contact info for your local health department, etc.). Update the text within the brackets: “[[ ]]”
  • Publish the focus area
  • Display it on your county landing page. And move it up under the “Online resources and activities” focus area.

See last week’s blog post about the “Online resources and activities” focus area, where you can share information about the work OSU Extension is doing remotely now.

Screenshot of focus area

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