We have been hearing over the past week from several programs, content teams, and county/combined station page managers. You have been asking specifics about how to best add content and discussing adjustments needed to make content fit on the site. We are listening, and providing one-on-one guidance as needed along the way.


  • It’s not your imagination. If you’ve been on the staging website you may have noticed your submenus are now easier to locate on the left side of a desktop screen.
  • Want to have a list of all program events happening across the state? We set up a section on the statewide program page that pulls in any county events or announcements tagged with your program.
  • Refer to the “Managing Program Content” guide for the details on how to add “program tagged content lists” using keywords or “program resources list” using categories to the landing pages. It’s a little bit of magic to help arrange content on your program page.

Content Teams

  • We have added Expert profiles on the sidebar of sub-topic pages. Are you missing and want to be added to a page? Let EESC know.
  • Coming soon! We are in the process of migrating more EESC content that falls under these topics, such as featured gardening questions or news. It will help fill out topic pages.
  • Thanks for those who have been adding content. Since content teams will continue after the launch, how is the coordination process going? Share your lessons learned with EESC.

County/Combined Stations

Who can add to your county site?

What events should you put up?

  • The website will launch the last week of May 2018, so add any of your events happening June 1 or after. Events for May will remain visible on the existing Extension website through the end of the month.

Want to still feature topic- or program-based content?

We welcome your questions! Contact us or drop in for office hours/open labs on Wednesdays 9am – 12pm and Fridays 2 pm – 5 pm.

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