This update outlines new resources,  progress updates, and next steps.


Progress updates:

  • Program leaders provided input on their content teams’ progress and general “readiness for launch.” The project team is also compiling our list of remaining priority content, features, and functions necessary for a minimum viable Phase 1 launch.
  • Based on this information, the project team–in collaboration with Extension leadership–will set a Phase 1 launch date.
  • We have decided to wait to re-engage with county leaders and office managers about county landing pages until the “events” content type is ready, and content teams have had a chance to enter some events.

The plan for the next two weeks

  • Content teams continue content entry
  • Project team continues work on search functionality, event content type, theming/design, homepage content, and consultation with content teams
  • Project team adds centrally-managed content (e.g., news, general “about” info) and select content migrations/imports (per agreements with content teams)
  • User testing (focusing on navigation, homepage, search)


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