This update outlines what’s planned for the next two weeks, as well as new and “coming soon” resources.

Here’s the plan for this week (March 19):

  • Content strategist interviews
    • OSU Extension Collaborative and content team leaders invited to participate in open presentations and Q&A.
    • Recordings will be emailed to this group when available.
    • Feedback is due March 23.
  • Content teams continue content entry
  • Project team continues work on search functionality, event content type, theming/design, homepage content, and consultation with content teams
  • Collect input from program leaders to help set the phase 1 launch date.
    • Program leaders should expect an email from EESC director Jennifer Alexander on Tuesday, March 20.
    • Remember, the phase 1 launch will be a minimum viable product. Not a perfectly polished site with all the bells and whistles.

And the working-draft plan for next week (March 30):

  • Re-engage with county leaders and office managers about county landing pages.
  • Continue content entry, programming, and content team consultation
  • User testing (focusing on navigation, homepage, search)
  • Add centrally-managed content (e.g., news, general “about” info)



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