As you read in last week’s project blog post, we are on track to open up the new website to content teams this week.

This is that moment when we are just about at the top of the first big hill on a roller coaster. That moment when some of us are getting a little excited about what’s to come, some of us are thinking, “what did I get myself into?”, and a few are silently screaming, “I want to get off!”

There are some ups and downs ahead. Let’s pause for just a moment to exchange some virtual high-fives for all we’ve accomplished together to get us to this point! Thank you!

This week

For content team leaders: Here’s a heads up about what you can expect this week.

  1. On Wednesday, we will email you instructions for signing into the site and getting started with content entry, links to basic training documents and videos, and a schedule for “office hours/open labs” with the project team. We’ll also link to those training resources on this blog, for reference.
  2. Working in collaboration with Victor Villegas in ECTU, our team’s priority for the next couple of weeks is supporting content teams. In addition to the office hours/open labs, we will also respond to questions as soon as possible. As needed, we can schedule time with individual content teams to work through examples and questions.
  3. Please keep in mind that the basic site structure and functionality is in place, but design continues. Expect the look and feel to change, and the functionality to be fine-tuned in the coming weeks. This is an iterative process and depends, in part, on having more real content in the system to work with.

For everyone: Remember, if you have a question about specific content that you own or manage and haven’t yet had a conversation with the relevant content team, now’s the time!

Looking ahead

We are asking content teams to get started first with entering content and working on program landing pages (if applicable).

Later this month, we will re-engage with county leaders and office managers about county landing pages and county-specific, non-program content. This work will be most useful to do after there is more real content in the site, tagged with counties as appropriate.

We’ll continue to share updates on this blog. Please stay tuned!

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