Greetings good people of OSU Extension:

Thank you

We’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating: Thank you to our colleagues who are serving on content teams, and especially the content team leaders.

In the long run, our new web strategy will support us to have the right people focused on the right things, from programming to local relationships to website management. In the short-term, we’re working through issues and challenges together. And content teams are doing a lot of the initial heavy lifting–assessing, organizing, evaluating, and making decisions about content–with support from our program leaders.

Remember: If you have a question about specific content that you own or manage and haven’t yet had a conversation with the relevant content team, now’s the time!

Thanks also to anyone who shared the content strategist job posting with their networks. We have a strong applicant pool, and the search committee is now in the screening phase.

Why are we doing this?

We’re in the midst of a busy phase of the project–preparing for initial content entry. This involves detailed web work, a lot of meetings and emails, and in-depth discussions with (and within) content teams. We know there is some uncertainty–anxiety even–about how certain things will look or work on the new site.

Let’s press pause for just a moment, and revisit the “why” for this project.

OSU Extension helps Oregonians–and Oregon–thrive. You help that happen. Your partnerships, community relationships, programs, information, and expertise help that. Our current web presence and digital strategy hinders it.

We can do better. We start now.

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Timeline update

The project team is preparing to open the site for content teams to begin initial content entry the week of March 5. We will provide more details to content team leaders via email.

This week we will focus on back-end usability fixes, other programming and basic design, and creating basic training materials for content teams.

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