A couple quick announcements:

Content team leaders: As we approach the initial content entry phase, we’d like to check in on how you’re doing. Please review the content team checklist in last week’s blog post, and then take 10 seconds to respond to this 1-question survey.

Revised FAQ: We’ve revised the following FAQ based on progress OSU has made on the new OSU calendar system: How will events work in the new system? Will they integrate with OSU’s calendar?

User testing

Thank you to the four individuals who helped with back-end usability testing last week: Rita Bauer (Outdoor School content team), Adriene Koett-Cronn (Sea Grant content team), and Sandy Reichhuber and Chris Branam (both of EESC).

This testing involved asking each of these four brave souls–who had not previously seen the inner workings of our new website–to complete a variety of content entry tasks. They attempted to edit content, add content, update landing pages, add announcements, and more. And they talked out loud while doing it so we could follow their thought process. We watched.

It sounds awkward and little creepy, right? But it’s actually incredibly helpful.

Their fresh eyes and perspectives helped us identify improvements to make the back-end content content management forms and views more intuitive, less frustrating or confusing, and quicker.

Up next

This week the project team will focus on preparing to open the site for content entry. This includes:

  • Making  changes identified during usability testing
  • Creating basic training guides and short videos for content teams
  • Scheduling office hours/help sessions
  • Continued programming and basic design
  • As-needed advice and Q&A with content teams
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