It’s been another busy and productive week in Extension website land. The project team has hunkered down to work on getting the back end of our new website ready for content teams to begin entering content. We’re on track for having that ready in early February. Whoo-hoo!

But enough about us…

Way to go, content teams!

A shout out to our content teams who are working hard to evaluate, prioritize, and organize content. Teams are making good progress and making decisions, which is sometimes difficult but very important. This is hard work that takes time. But it’s so worth it. Thank you.

Tips and ideas

Each content team is approaching things differently, which is OK. We can also learn from each other in this process. Here are some things we’ve seen or heard are working well that your team may want to consider.

  • Prioritize: Focus on content that will be removed from public access at launch (e.g., county sites) and other critical content. Do everything else as you have time after launch.
  • Map it: If your team has content spread far and wide and isn’t sure where to begin, a concept map might help. Here is an example from the Food Safety content team.
  • List it, don’t lose it: The main site and county homepages will automatically redirect at launch. If there is a link (url) that has been used in marketing materials or needs to be preserved for some other reason, please let us know and we will be sure to set up a redirect.
  • Ask for help: Our family and community health content team is engaging volunteers as appropriate to assist with some tasks. If you have ideas for what could make the content strategy, creation, or maintenance processes easier (short or long term) for your team, let your program leader know.
  • Keep calm, and carry on: Our Open Campus and Sea Grant content teams are great examples of staying super cool and bringing positive energy to this process. If you need a little break, check out the mindfulness meditation drop-in (on campus) or the University of Florida Extension publication, Mindfulness: An Introduction.
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