Content teams are making good progress

  • Nine content teams (at least one in each program area) are formed.
  • We’ve held content team six kickoff meetings and three follow-up meetings.
  • See the content teams page for team info and progress updates.

Keep the questions coming

Thanks for asking questions! That’s how we are going to learn together through this process. Additional FAQs have been posted.

If you don’t see the answer to your question, we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us improve our communication plan and this project blog, and inform our work with content teams.

Program Leader Sam Angima is hosting a webinar for the Ag & Natural Resources Extension Program on Nov. 3 to review the overall strategy, website content process, and expectations for working groups. Jennifer Alexander and Lucas Turpin, from the project team, will join to help answer questions. Refer to emails and calendar invitation from Sam for additional details.

New site for internal content coming soon

  • We expect to launch the new internal/employee resources website the week of Nov. 13.
  • To start, this will be the same content currently found in the employee resources section of the main OSU Extension website
  • In the future (after our new external website is launched and running smoothly), we can focus on additions and improvements to our internal content
  • If you’d like to share needs, ideas, or requests for an engaging “intranet” site, please contact the project team and we will add them to our growing “wish list.”
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