As you heard during the Oct. 13 OSU Extension Leadership Update, our web upgrade is on track for a March 2018 launch, thanks to support from our program leaders and a set of newly-formed, hardworking, and committed content teams.

A quick reminder of what this is all about:

We have established a new approach to digital strategy. It will enhance and support our statewide presence by adding an improved, user-focused website and, eventually a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. See “strategies at a glance” for details.

What’s happening now?

  • Program leaders have begun to organize content teams. (Thank you!)
  • EESC is holding kickoff meetings with each content team to begin the content strategy process.
  • The content teams are coordinating statewide to take stock of existing content, evaluate it, organize it, and enter it into the new website. This includes looking at content on county and program sites.
  • EESC is working on technical aspects of the new website. Our responsibility is to build the framework that allows all content to be in one place, and—importantly—how the site allows learners to view and access that content in the ways today’s audiences expect and prefer.
  • We are also working to move internal content (employee resources) to a separate site within the next month.

As you have questions:


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