The Extension web upgrade project is entering the development phase!

Here’s an update on what’s happened recently, what’s next, and how you can learn more.

What’s happened

After discussion with the project team, the O&E executive team (Scott Reed and Lindsey Shirley) approved a set of essential commitments, guiding criteria, and strategies for moving ahead with the project.

This approach allows us to take the bold first steps in shifting OSU Extension’s overall web strategy from “site development and design” to “content strategy.” This is a major shift and also an opportunity for meaningful, positive change.

We’ve also created a project blog. Going forward, this will be the primary source for project information, status updates, and FAQs.

What’s next

There is a separate strategy and process for specific groups of sites and content in the OSU Extension web family. The strategies at a glance blog page provides an overview of the following:

  • Phase 1: Main OSU Extension web presence, County/Employee Resources sites, and Program/Other sites
  • Phase 2: Developing and applying content strategy

In brief, Phase 1 development (through January 2017) is about transition and preparing sites and content for the next step. The timeline page provides an overview of the milestones and general timeline for Phase 1 (through January 2017).

  • Note that one of the first steps you may be asked to assist with is identifying/confirming contacts for site managers and decision makers for each website in the OSU Extension family.

Learn more

Going forward, you can expect regular updates via the project blog and Extension ConnEXTion newsletter. The project team will also have individual or small-group consultations as needed with current site manager and decision makers throughout Phase 1.


Please contact the project team, and we will reply as soon as possible. We want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us improve our communication plan and the project blog, especially the FAQs.

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