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Mission: The mission of the National Extension Tourism Design Team is to enhance sustainable tourism development nationally by providing relevant research, training, resources and networking opportunities in tourism and recreation marketing, management and development for Extension and tourism professionals.

Origin: The National Extension Tourism Design Team (NET) was originally created in 1994 as one of four national Extension focuses under the Communities in Economic Transition Initiative.

NET Design Team Members
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Northeast Region:
Co-chair: Doug Arbogast, West Virginia University Extension Service
Co-chair: Stephen Komar, Rutgers University Cooperative Extension
Lisa Chase, University of Vermont Extension
Geoffrey Sewake, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Southern Region:
Rachel Carter, Mississippi State University Extension
Rick O’Connor, Florida Sea Grant
Stacy Tomas, Oklahoma State University

Western Region:
Steven Burr, Utah State University Extension
Frank Burris, Oregon Sea Grant Extension
Holly George, University of California Cooperative Extension
Miles Phillips, Oregon State University Extension Service

North Central Region:
Cynthia Messer, University of Minnesota Tourism Center
Andy Northrop, Michigan State University Extension
Diane Van Wyngarden, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Suzanne Ainley, Ainley Group, Singhampton, ON, Canada
Nicole Vaugeois, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

North Central Regional Center for Rural Development, Mark Skidmore
Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, Stephan Goetz
Southern Regional Development Center, Steve Turner
Western Rural Development Center, Don Albrecht
The Conservation Fund
Fermata, Inc.



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