Adaptive Garden update

The Adaptive Garden at the OSU Extension Lane County office is looking great right now.  Come check out this showcase of ideas to “Garden Smarter, Not Harder!”

My favorite item in the Adaptive Garden right now is the pulley system to easily raise & lower heavy hanging baskets.
What do you like best?

Spring is almost here!

It’s almost spring in the OSU Extension Lane County Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens!

We have our first work party scheduled for this Thursday to “wake up” the garden and are planning a growing season filled with great tours & hands-on classes.  Checking back here or our main Extension webpage for updates.  Spring blooms!


Filled to the brim!

The stormwater mitigation garden is filled to the brim with new soil thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

Beds are filled

Next step is adding plants and finishing the placement of the ‘waterfall’ feature.

Koi pond? Hot tub? Nope, future stormwater mitigation garden!

We’ve been fielding a few questions about the excavation of the brick planters behind the Extension office.  Nope, we aren’t building a koi pond back there!

This summer a very dedicated team of MG volunteers have been hard at work building a storm water mitigation garden.  We’re partnering with the Long Tom Watershed Council on this project.

First step was to remove the aggressive weeds (St. John’s Wort and horsetail among others) and their roots.  Volunteers sifted soil and removed roots-big and small.  A percolation test was ran on the soil to see how well the remaining soil drained.  Looks good!  Right now, volunteers are repairing the brick walls and drilling seep holes.  (A large tree root caused some damage to the west bed.)  Next steps are to make repairs to the gutter/drainage system and then measure for soil!

2015-09-24 16.13.50 2015-09-24 10.52.55 2015-09-24 10.40.35

Pollinator Patch is looking amazing!

Thank you to all of the Master Gardeners who donated seeds for the pollinator patch!  Sunflowers are opening and looking fantastic.  Zinnias are adding great splash of color.   Maybe next year we should do an insect count and see which varieties attract the most diversity of pollinators?


Pollinator Patch 8/5/15

Garden open house: August 1, 10-11am

Come out and visit the garden this Saturday from 10-11am.  The Adaptive Garden Specialists will be on hand to answer all of your gardening questions.  Things are blooming and looking just wonderful!


Greg with the Adaptive Garden Specialists hamming it up and showing off the raised bed he built.

IMG_6762The pollinator patch is blooming and attracting many insect species.  Check out all the different kinds of sunflowers!

Progress on Stormwater Mitigation garden

Thank you to Patty and all the Master Gardeners who came out on Thursday morning to remove hypericum from the beds.  And in the heat!

Another before shot Before shot

Before shots of hypericum filled beds

Tree stump and bare bed

All that hypericum was hiding a large stump! Get out the grinder!

Awesome volunteers!

 Thank you, volunteers!!!

Garden update!

Things are really filling out in the garden this month.  Come and visit during our Demonstration Gardens Tour, July 2nd from 2-3pm.  The herb gardeners are going to have samples of iced basil lemonade!  (Did you know the MG’s are growing 10 different kinds of basil?!)


The native plant garden area was recently started.  This garden is located at the corner of Jefferson and the alley in a more shady part of the garden.  Soil was prepped, anchor plants installed and irrigation is in.

IMG_6393 IMG_6394

Finally got around to staking the tomatoes in the trial bed!  Before (top) and after (bottom)-look there is basil under there!


The pollinator patch is looking great, too.  Sunflowers need to be thinned and the zinnias are growing in.  Some mystery plants are growing from the “Bee Mix” seed packets which were seeded on the far edges.