In this week’s issue:

Academic Report

The Division of University Outreach Engagement Academic Report for 2015-2016 is available to view online.

Search Advocate Workshops

Search Advocate fall workshops are now scheduled and available for registration at The first workshop series is 9/15-9/16. Registration deadline is Thursday, September 8.

Continuing education sessions and search advocate community of practice meetings are under development and will be scheduled/announced soon.

Updated Promotional Items

It’s raining in the Willamette Valley and Coast today, so the new promotional item available through Extension Admin would be perfect for those wanting to stay dry.  Just because the sun will be shining in Central and Eastern Oregon this week, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the new stylish umbrella as it would shield your delicate skin from the sun’s rays.

Visit the OSU Extension Promotional Items webpage to order your OSU Extension Umbrellas today!

OSU Extension Services Umbrella
OSU Extension Services Umbrella

Extension in the News

Armyworms invade Willamette Valley grass seed fields
Capital Press
August 31, 2016
Featuring: Amy Dreves, Crop and Soil Science

Most of Salem smelt it, but who dealt it?
Statesman Journal
September 1, 2016
Featuring: Javier Fernandez-Salvador, Small Farms, Marion County

In this week’s issue:

Video Link: O&E Quarterly Conversation 

The video from the August  2016 Quarterly Conversation can be viewed here: 

And Remember….

Journal of Extension: OSU Articles

Work by OSU colleagues has been published in the August 2016 issue of the Journal of Extension.

  • Sam Angima (Ag Sciences), Lena Etuk (Family & Community Health), and Deb Maddy (Extension Administration) have a Feature article on “Accommodating Extension Clients Who Face Language, Vision, or Hearing Challenges.” They also have a companion article, in the Tools of the Trade section, on specific strategies for making those accommodations.
  • Jeff Hino (EESC) and Cub Kahn (Extended Campus) have an Ideas at Work article about hybrid teaching methodologies.

Upcoming Deadline for Award Nominations and Applications for the OSUEA Awards and ESP Awards

Award nominations and applications for the 2016 OSUEA and ESP awards are due September 15.  Visit the August 8 issue of ConnEXTions for more details.

In this week’s issue:

Updates from O&E Quarterly Conversation 

The video from the August 19th Quarterly conversation is not available yet, but in order to keep momentum on items discussed, below are some actionable items from the presentation:

Condolences: Family of Lamoine Savage

Long time 4-H judge, Lamoine Savage, passed away unexpectedly on August 9. He and his wife, Enid, had also been 4-H volunteers in Lane County.

A memorial service was held on Friday, August 19, 2pm, Garden Way Church, 231 N Garden Way, Eugene.

If you would like to send a card or note, they can be sent to:

Enid Savage
27942 Benson Rd.
Eugene, Or. 97402

Extension in the News

2016 Farwest Show announces presentation from Dr. Luisa Santamaria
Greenhouse Management Magazine
August 16, 2016
Featuring, Luisa Santamaria, NWREC

Weston Miller will also present at the 2016 Farwest Show
“Dig into Soil Health for Home Landscapes”

In this week’s issue:

Outreach and Engagement Quarterly Conversation, 8/19/16

Friday, August 19th
9:00am to 10:30am
202 Kidder Hall

Social Media Virtual Summer School

Want to learn more about connecting with clientele through social media from the comfort of your office?

Check out the learning opportunities available to you this week.

On Monday, August 15th join Drs. Karen Jeannette and Brigitte Scott from Virgin Tech and the Military Families Learning Network to learn how YOU can use social media to extend the learning experience for your learners.

On Tuesday, August 16 join Mark Hagemeier, General Counsel for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to learn how to avoid potential career damage from social media activities!

On Wednesday, August 17 meet David Allen and Josh Paine from the University of Georgia Extension to learn how to use social media analytics in accountability, reporting and to support personal digital media scholarship.

On Thursday, August 18th join Richard Petty and Sam Thomas of The National Center for Aging and Disability and Independent Living Research Utilization at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston, Texas to discuss the need for inclusion and accessibility of digital media products for persons with disabilities.

For more information, go to:

Link to Register:

Extension in the News

Treasure Valley could become pumpkin seed powerhouse
Idaho Business Review
August 9, 2016
Featuring Malheur County Extension

In this week’s issue:

Division of Outreach and Engagements Strategic Plan Kits 

The second five-year strategic plan for the Division of University Outreach and Engagement is complete and is entering the implementation phase. To familiarize all Division employees with the plan and its impact on university outreach and engagement work, a kit containing the following will arrive the week of August 8 at each Division location:

  1. Poster (11×17”) – Vision, Mission, Values, Goals – to be displayed in each office
  2. Overview brochure – to be distributed to each employee and to stakeholders as appropriate
  3. Wallet cards – Vision, Goals – to be distributed to each employee and to stakeholders as appropriate
  4. Detailed plan – Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Strategies – in a binder for easy office access (one per location)

Additionally, a smaller version of the poster (8.5 x 11”) can be downloaded. The flyer is appropriate for individual work spaces. All strategic plan materials, including the detailed plan, are available on the O&E website.

Please contact Jill Wells ( for additional copies of these materials. Note: Once measurements of progress and success are identified, a more in-depth strategic report will be published for limited distribution to key stakeholders and peers. When complete, it, too, will be available online. Your thoughts are welcome about what measures are appropriate to evaluate the success of our strategic plan.

The mission of the Division did not change with the realignment of Ecampus and PACE. Extension is the nucleus of the Division, and we continue to provide leadership for the outreach and engagement mission across the university.

The first step in the implementation stage is to build a team for each of our five goals. The teams will prioritize strategies and resources, develop tactics and identify how we will measure progress and define success. If you, or anyone in your office, would like to participate in a team, please contact Jeff Sherman ( He described this approach in the August First Monday Video.

The August 19 Quarterly Conversation, starting at 9 a.m. in Kidder 202 and live-streamed, will discuss the new strategic plan. Please encourage everyone in your office to tune in and ask questions. Comments about the plan, materials and distribution process also can be posted in the comment section of the O&E blog.

These materials will be shared across the university and with ECAN members.

Strategic Plan Flyer

Strategic Plan brochure

OSUEA Award Nominations

The OSUEA Awards Committee is accepting nominations for awards through September 15, 2016. There are categories available for all positions as well as team efforts.

Please submit via electronic copy to: Carole Smith with a subject line titles OSUEA AWARDS (and the name of the award). You will receive a confirmation email from Carole Smith. Announcement of the awards will be at Extension Annual Conference in November

Detailed criteria and instructions for submission:

Don’t hesitate to contact Carole Smith if you have questions!


OSUEA Newer Faculty Award – The newer faculty award recognizes superior achievement for faculty w/less than 7 years of Extension experience. Awardees will receive a plaque and $200 stipend, sponsored by Dale & Alice Hoecker. Up to 5 awards are given annually.

OSUEA Experienced Faculty Award – The experienced faculty award recognizes superior achievement for faculty w/more than 7 years of Extension experience. Awardees receive a plaque and a $200 stipend, sponsored by Dale & Alice Hoecker. Up to 5 awards are given annually.

OSCAR HAGG Extension Communication Award – To recognize superior and distinguished achievement by Extension personnel–individuals,
groups, and teams–who have helped Oregonians resolve difficult problems through Extension education programs by effectively
utilizing planned, innovative and creative communications skills, techniques, and vehicles and technology . The recipient will receive $1,000. One-half of the amount will be used by the recipient(s) in their current or prospective Extension communication program; the other half will be used by the recipient(s) at their discretion to fund activities that will enhance their professional effectiveness (e.g., travel to professional meetings, additional training, purchase of books or subscriptions to journals).

OSUEA Team Award – The award recognizes efforts on the part of a team of Extension Faculty, staff or both in responding to and incorporating into a specific educational program or effort within the OSU Extension Service.

OSUEA Professional Faculty (administrative support) – Professional (administrative support) faculty includes non-classified positions that provide support to program, administrative, or serve operational functions of the OSU Extension Service. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward outstanding and exceptional service to the organization by professional faculty (administrative support) members within the OSU Extension Service.

OSUEA Educational Program Assistant Recognition – The OSU Extension Service employs educational program assistants (EPA) who manage and assist in many program areas. Educational Program Assistants are non-clerical, classified employees under the direction of Extension faculty who assist in coordination, promotion, and evaluation of program elements. Part-time and full-time EPAs who have been on staff for at least one year are eligible for this award. They do not need to be a member of OSUEA to be eligible.

OSUEA Classified Staff Award – This award is to recognize and reward outstanding and exceptional service by classified and management employees within the Oregon State University Extension Service. The recipient will receive a plaque.

OSUEA Search for Excellence Award – The OSUEA Search for Excellence program recognizes outstanding Extension education effort, innovation and impact. Only current members of the OSU Extension Association are eligible to enter. For team projects to be considered, at least one project leader must be a member of OSUEA. Applications for both teams and individuals in a wide range and scale of deserving programs from county to multi-state efforts are considered. Programs/projects completed within the past 2 years are eligible.

Both awards, OSU Extension Association (OSUEA) Search for Excellence and the Western Extension Directors Award (WEDA) for Excellence, recognize outstanding accomplishments in Extension Education. Two awards with one application process… Your time has arrived. Don’t be bashful.

The deadline OSUEA Search for Excellence and WEDA is September 15, 2016. For WEDA, the applicants will be considered for the 2017 nomination.

Submit your nomination to

OSUEA Cooperator Award – Each year, OSUEA honors individuals and businesses who have made significant contributions to Extension programs. It is through these cooperators that Extension is able to accomplish so much. Awards are given in the following categories:
A. Individuals with 10 years or more of service
B. Individuals with fewer than 10 years of service
C. Businesses or organizations (no time limit)

ESP Award Nominations 

ESP Friend of Extension Award is the highest recognition presented by an Epsilon Sigma Phi chapter to a non-Extension (lay) person, company, organization or elected official and is designed to recognize truly outstanding support and personal involvement in Extension efforts. The Friend of Extension Award, sponsored by ESP, is open to any non-Extension person, company or organization that has demonstrated outstanding support and involvement in Extension efforts. Past Cooperator Award Winners who have continued to serve and contribute are eligible to be nominated as well. The winner of this award will be nominated for the National ESP Friend of Extension Award.

Take time now with your staff to nominate someone. (OSU Employees are not eligible for this award). The recognition and honor of being named a “2016 OSU Extension Service Cooperator” is a small reward for the time, energy, and dedication a volunteer gives. Every program area in every county, and statewide, has several individuals and businesses who are “you can count on” Cooperators. Now is the time to nominate them for this recognition.
Nomination procedures
1. Administrators, specialists, agents, and support staff discusses potential nominees for one or more categories.
2. Prepare a nomination. (see application attachment)
3. Send in the nomination by September 15. Send nominations electronically to:
4. Continuing this year is the award participation fee (see attached policy) additional financial help from the nominators
If you have questions, please feel free to contact John Williams (541-426-3143) or Darrin Walenta (541-963-1010), co-chairs of the OSUEA Cooperator program or Mike Knutz ESP Awards Committee Chair. 503-434-8913.

The nomination form, criteria and previous Cooperator winners can also be found on the OSUEA website:

Hoecker Innovative Grants Program Applications 

The Dale and Alice Hoecker family established the Extension Innovative Grants Program in 2001 to encourage creative Extension programming. The purpose of the grant program is to encourage and support Extension faculty in developing/replicating and delivering programs that address a high priority need of an Oregon target audience through creative and innovative approaches. This grants program is only for new projects or programs (funding existing programs is not allowed). The project may be a replication program or of new design but must be “new” for the respective applicant. Each grant award grant will be for a maximum of $4,000. The number of grants and/or amount of the grant may vary based on funds available, but it is anticipated that up to 4 grants may be awarded annually. Funds may be used to support program development, marketing, delivery, evaluation, and/or equipment related to the innovative/replication project.

To apply, email with a subject line titled Hoecker Grant Application

Purpose: To encourage and support Extension faculty in developing/replicating and delivering programs that address a high priority need of an Oregon target audience through creative and innovative approaches. This grants program is only for new projects or programs (funding existing programs is not allowed). The project may be a replication program or of new design but must be “new” for the respective applicant.

Award: Each award grant will be for a maximum of $4,000. The number of grants and/or amount of the grant may vary based on funds available, but it is anticipated that up to 4 grants may be awarded annually. Funds may be used to support program development, marketing, delivery, evaluation, and/or equipment related to the innovative/replication project.
Awards are announced during O & E Annual Conference.
Eligibility: OSU Extension faculty and staff with at least a .30 FTE Extension appointment are eligible to apply.

Process and Required Criteria:
• Written proposal consisting of a maximum of 2 pages including a budget (no cover letter or appendices).
• Project must address a priority issue with an identified audience.
• Develops or demonstrates an innovative and/or creative program, approach, or delivery method or justification of replication program.
• Achievable outcomes and a process for evaluating impact are identified.
• Show the entire budget even if this application is only for partial funding of a larger proposal.

Recommended Criteria:
• Project will be completed or there is potential for continuation beyond the funding period.
• Results in scholarly accomplishment.

Funding Period: The project must be conducted within the next 12 months following the award. Upon completion the recipient will provide a brief (2-page maximum) electronic written report that includes a discussion of what was learned, outcomes and impacts, and implications for the future.

OSU Extension, in the News

Master Gardener Q&A: Galls feed on kinnikinnick
Statesman Journal
August 2, 2016
Featuring Neil Bell

Garden Plots
St Helens Chronicle
August 1, 2016
Featuring Chip Bubl

2016’s Best-Run Cities in America
Featuring Bruce Sorte

In this week’s issue:

University Outreach and Engagement Strategic Plan

Keep your eyes open for information from Scott Reed regarding the roll out of the University Outreach and Engagement Strategic Plan. The August First Monday Update with detailed information will be hitting your inboxes today

Professional Development Fund Applications

To be considered for this quarter’s Professional Development Funds, applications must be received TODAY, Monday August 1st, by midnight. As a reminder, please note that for our application to be eligible, you must apply BEFORE the PD opportunity.

Applications for next quarter are due on November 1.

Professional Development Fund Criteria
Professional Development Fund Application

Irrigon Staff Moving

The staff at the Morrow County Extension SNAP-Ed office will be moving on Aug 8th to a new location:

Morrow Education Center
240 Columbia Lane
Irrigon, OR 97844
541-922-4004 (extension tbd)

Outreach and Engagement Quarterly Conversation, 8/19/16

Friday, August 19th
9:00am to 10:30am
202 Kidder Hall

Extension in the News

Links to stories featuring Oregon State University Extension people and programs:

Camelina, quinoa studied as alternative crops in E. Oregon
Capital Press
July 26, 2016
Featuring: Bill Buhrig

Scales, tails and sails
Oregon Coast Today
July 26, 2016
Featuring: OSU Sea Grant and Lincoln County Extension Services

REAL Oregon
July 27, 2016
Featuring: Bill Buhrig (Audio)

Sold to the highest bidder
Curry Coastal Pilot
July 27, 2016
Featuring: Curry County 4-H

Reaching out, by extension
The Daily Astorian
July 20, 2016
Featuring: Clatsop County and Joyce Senior, Valerie Grant, Patrick Corcoran and Amanda Gladics.

Benny at the Linn County Fair

Thank you Michele Webster for sharing photos of Benny at the Linn County Fair!

If Benny has already been to your fair, please take the time to fill out the post fair survey to help us improve for next year.

Benny the Beaver at the Linn County Fair, July 2016
Benny the Beaver at the Linn County Fair, July 2016










Benny and Linn County Extension
Benny LOVES Extension!

















Benny the Beaver
Benny taking a break
Benny the Beaver on a Tractor at the Linn County Fair
Benny makes it look easy

In this week’s issue:

Save the Date: Outreach and Engagement Quarterly Conversation, 8/19/16

The Third Quarterly Conversation for 2016 will be held on Friday, August 19 from 9:00am until 10:30am.

Please join us in 202 Kidder Hall on campus or via the live video stream at

Beaver Decals available for purchase

Small (4″ x 2.25″) Beaver Decals are available for purchase through the Extension Promotional Item Order Form for $0.10 each.

When ordering promotional items from Extension Administration, please be certain that you are using the most up to date Order Form as items and pricing are updated frequently.

Kudos to 4-H Faculty and Staff

From 4-H…Growing and Thriving, By Pamela Rose, State 4-H Program Leader

Kudos to our 4-H members! We know we have amazing young people in our 4-H program. This story from the Benton County Democrat Herald just shows another great example of young people making a difference in the lives of others. Thanks Carolyn Ashton, for sharing this news story with us!

Speaking of terrific 4-H members, yesterday in Deschutes County, a 4-H member did something that has been done in Oregon in 11 years. A 4-H member received the 10-step Dad Potter award! If you are not familiar, this is the most elite 4-H Horse Award we recognize – it’s quite a feat, takes significant teamwork and dedication, and it’s pretty darn awesome! Kudos to Lauren Walley, Deschutes County 4-H member for this terrific accomplishment! Kudos also to her 4-H leader, Heather Zumwalt, and Karissa Dishon also shared with me that another Kudos goes to Candi Bothum who was the 4-H club leader who taught Heather how to ride. Kudos all around!

Kudos to the Engineering and Science Camp held in Ontario at the Four Rivers Community School (SMILE School) last week. Kudos to Barbara Brody for sharing this story with us that posted in the Malheur County Argus Observer. Thanks to your leadership in bringing all of these partners together for this event.

9 Reasons Why Being In 4-H Makes You A Better Person

News articles on the web have been quite depressing lately. Running across a positive news article reminds us of the great things happening in the world that we can be proud to know we’ve had a hand in creating.

A big thank you to Extension and 4-H Faculty and Staff for continuing to teach the future leaders to be better people.

9 Reasons Why Being In 4-H Makes You A Better Person

To add to the list of reasons why being in 4-H makes you a better person, please share it in the comments below.

In this week’s issue:

F. Javier Nieto named dean of the College of Public Health & Human Sciences

From Ron Adams, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President:

I am pleased to inform you that with the full concurrence of President Ed Ray, and enthusiastic support from the campus community, I have appointed Dr. F. Javier Nieto as Dean of the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS). His appointment will become effective on October 31, 2016.

As you are aware, Dr. Nieto currently serves as Professor and Chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences at the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison. He also holds the title of Helfaer Professor of Public Health, and affiliate appointments at the Departments of Family Medicine & Community Health as well as at the UW Center for Demography & Ecology. Prior to joining the UW, he served as a faculty member of the Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

I would like to again acknowledge Dr. Tammy Bray for her service as Dean of CPPHS and as Executive Dean of the Division of Health Sciences. Please join me in thanking Tammy for her leadership and welcoming Javier to Oregon State.

Ask an Expert Facts and Figures

Ask an Expert





Since its launch in 2011, Oregon Ask an Expert has answered over 18,000 questions.

Follow-up surveys are automatically sent to Oregon Ask an Expert customers two weeks after their question is answered.

Here’s what they are saying:
77% identified their question as very important or critically important to them.
78% said the answer very much or completely answered their question.
77% found the answer “just right” in level of rigor, when rated from “too complex” to “too simplistic.”
61% identified their question as having average to significant economic concern to them.
$340,000 – is the estimated average economic benefit of answers received
65% changed their behavior as a result of the answer to their question.

And finally…
50% of Ask an Expert users had never used Extension before.

Ask an Expert. It’s working.

Wantmore info on Ask an Expert? Contact EESC.

Number of questions Answered

















Ask an Expert 2015 Summary Report














Ask an Expert 2016 Summary Report

Western Extension & Research Directors – State Recognized Program – OSU WOWNet

Congratulation to the OSU WOWNet (Women Owning Woodlands Network) as State Recognized Program at the Western Region Joint Summer Meeting. Members of the WOWNet team are Tiffany Fegel and Nicole Strong.

Abstract: Oregon’s Women Owning Woodlands network is empowering women to grow from silent observers to active learners and inquirers, to mentors and teachers through its collaborative, peer-to-peer network. WOWNet’s innovative approaches have attracted professionals from around the nation who have mimicked the program in their regions. In collaboration with these and other nationwide stakeholders, Oregon WOWNet influenced and helped in the formation of a national network of women who own and manage forest properties. The impacts of this program are evident in WOWNets 10-year success in its home state as well as in emulation nationwide.

National ESP Distinguished Service Awards

By Pamela Rose, 4-H…Growing and Thriving

There are more Congratulations to extend to our colleagues who will be honored at the upcoming National Recognition Dinner at the ESP National Conference in Cape May, New Jersey. Our own Patricia Dawson, ESP National President who will presenting these awards:

• Congratulations to Shana Withee who has been selected to receive the National ESP Distinguished Service Award for the Western Region.

• Congratulations to Lyla Houglum who has been selected to receive the National ESP Continuing Excellence Award for the Western Region.

• Congratulations to Shana Withee who has been selected to receive the National ESP International Service Award for the Western Region.

• Congratulations to Jeff Sherman who has been selected to receive the National ESP Visionary Leadership Award for the Western Region.

Fellow Master Naturalist Ken Cobleigh writes article for Portland Parks Foundation

The Oregon Master Naturalists are getting noticed in the Metro area thanks to the leadership and guidance of Jason O’Brien and Brandy Saffell. Fellow Master Naturalist, Ken Cobleigh wrote a blog post for the Portland Parks Foundation that can be found here.

In this week’s issue:

Using Story Maps to share your story, co hosted by Brooke Edmunds

Wednesday, July 20 at 3:00 pm EDT


Story Maps can help you tell stories, with or without maps
Telling stories can be a effective way to communicate information, particularly when those stories feature compelling narrative and striking visuals. While many Cooperative Extension professionals have experience telling stories in person, they may be uncertain how to have the same effect as they increasing work online to reach on their target audience.

Esri Story Maps provide an online platform for story telling which is fairly inexpensive (or free) for academia, simple to use (no coding required) and interactive (you can use images, maps, audio, and video). In spite of the fact that Story Maps were originally designed to display and share maps, you can tell any story you would like, even those without a single map (really!).

Getting up and running with Story Maps
This webinar will introduce the idea behind Story Maps and will provide specific examples of how they may be used in outreach and engagement activities. We will also cover the basic “how-to’s” involved in creating and sharing Story Maps and will provide resources for further professional development in this topic.

Although we don’t assume that attendees have any experience with this tool, the webinar will easier to follow if you have previously used ArcGIS Online or have viewed this webinar on ArcGIS Online.

Pre-registration is required:
Click here to register for the webinar

For questions about the content of this webinar, please email

This webinar is brought to you by UNH Cooperative Extension, Oregon State University Extension, Map@Syst, and the eXtension mapping Innovation Hub.

A recording of this webinar will be made available after the webinar.


Brooke Edmunds and Shane Brandt

Condolences: Norbert “Van” Vandehey

With great sadness we share that Norbert “Van” Vandehey, who was a 4-H agent in Lane County, passed away Wednesday, July 6th.

He was surrounded by many members of his large family, including his wife Peggy to whom he was happily married for 68 years. Van was an inspiration to all who met him and leaves a legacy of
joy, love and family. Please join us at the internment and/or funeral (information below)

Love to Ted & Annie Vandehey.

Full military internment on Thursday/July 14th @ 2:30PM at Willamette National Cemetery …
11800 SE Mt Scott Blvd, Portland, OR 97086

Funeral on Friday/July 15th @ 11AM at St James Church …
1145 SE 1st St, McMinnville, OR 97128

Followed by Reception @ 1PM at Golden Valley Brewery …
980 NE 4th St, McMinnville, OR, 97128

Save the date: 2016 Extension Annual Conference

OSUEA Board President, Marilyn Lesmeister, in collaboration with Associate Director of Extension Service, Lindsey Shirley
Invite all Extension faculty and staff to mark their calendars for the
Extension Annual Conference
November 14-17, 2016
At the CH2M Hill Alumni Center on the OSU campus

Faculty and staff are invited to contact Marilyn Lesmeister ( 541-737-2794 to request a workshop topic or recommend a keynote speaker for our Annual Extension Conference.

A form to submit a workshop proposal will be available soon.

OSU Recipients of National ESP Awards

Congratulations to our colleagues who will be honored at the upcoming National Recognition Dinner at the ESP National Conference in Cape May, New Jersey. Also kudos to our own Patricia Dawson, ESP National President for sharing these results and who will presenting these awards:

  • Congratulations to Mike Knutz who has been selected to receive the National ESP Diversity Multicultural Team Award for the Western Region.
  • Congratulations to Barbara Brody who has been selected to receive the National ESP Administrative Leadership Award for the Western Region.
  • Congratulations to Shanna Northway who has been selected to receive the National ESP Distinguished Team Award for the Western Region.

(Source: 4-H…Growing and Thriving, by Pamela Rose, State 4-H Program Leader.)

In this week’s issue:

Journal of Extension: June 2016 Issue

The June 2016 issue of the Journal of Extension is available to view online at Oregon State is proudly represented in this issue:

Gail Langelotto, Urban and Community Horticulture Specialist and Statewide Master Gardener Program Coordinator, has collaborated with a colleague at the Univ. of Georgia on a Tools of the Trade article about an online resource site for Extension Master Gardener coordinators.

Patty Skinkis, Viticulture Extension Specialist in Horticulture, has written a Research in Brief article with Dionne Uzes, former graduate student in Horticulture, on strategies to increase yield management of pinot noir vineyards while maintaining wine quality.

Marc Braverman’s article on Multivariate Data Analysis provides useful ways to analyze data in multiple ways. The quantitative data junkies won’t be the only ones excited about this article.

Congratulations to our OSU Extension authors.

Oregon 4-H Archery Team places 5th in the Country

The 4-H Archery Team placed 5th in the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships (June 28-July 1) held in Grand Island Nebraska. The team was made up of:

Tanner Bernhardt-Dudley, Douglas County
Cody Tilgner, Polk County
Ben Pihl, Umatilla County
Brenden Newberg, Deschutes County
Coach Bill Dudley, Douglas County

Brenden Newberg ranked placed 4th overall out of 136 archers.

Oregon 4-H Archery Team
The 4-H Archery Team placed 5th in the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships

Benny at County Fair Promo Videos

To promote Benny at your county fair, our favorite beaver was gracious enough to record a promo spot with Scott Reed and Lindsey Shirley.  The recordings are the same, but the banner with OSU Day info is customized for each county.

Below are links to the promos that are ready to distribute amongst your online networks:

Marion County

Linn County

Columbia County

Hood River County

Jefferson County

Coos County

Washington County

More promos to come next week…