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International Master Gardener Conference a Huge Hit

July 7-17, the OSU Extension Master Gardener faculty, staff, and volunteers hosted 1,297 people from across the United States, Canada and South Korea at the International Master Gardener Conference in Portland, Oregon. Planning for this event began all the way back in 2012, when we submitted our bid to host. After five long years of planning thousands of details, we had one huge, fun party across 10 days (including pre-tours and post-tours). We shared Oregon’s best with others across the nation (and beyond!), and learned from experts we would not otherwise be able to bring to Oregon.

This conference set the record for the largest International Master Gardener Conference, ever, and yielded many positive comments and compliments from our visitors from across the United States. Preliminary evaluations (~400 people responding, thus far) rate the overall conference as 4.6 stars (out of 5.0). The conference venue (4.72), registration (4.63, managed by OSU Conference Services), keynote sessions (4.59), and conference newsletters (4.57) also received high marks.

Dr. Won-Suk Lee, Coordinator of the Master Gardener Program for the Byeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services, was the sole Korean participant at the 2017 IMGC. South Korea initiated its Master Gardener Program 5 years ago. It is a government-run initiative with training and service requirements much like those in the U.S. As of today, there are 500 Korean Master Gardeners.

Dr. Tom Bewick, National Program Leader for Horticulture at the USDA, also joined the party. He was on hand to deliver opening remarks, and to help award the International Search for Excellence awards. Dr. Bewick ended up actively participating in the conference, July 11-13, because he was having such a great time meeting with and mingling with Master Gardener faculty and staff, from all over.

Oregon was honored with FOUR International Search for Excellence Awards (Marion County, 1st place, Research; Clackamas County, 1st place, Workshop; Wasco County, 3rd place, Special Needs; Lincoln County, 3rd place, Youth). To read the short write-up about each awarded project, click here.

Key OSU Extension personnel involved in this Herculean effort include: Gail Langellotto (conference chair); Amy Jo Detweiler (speakers’ chair); Carrie Smith (speakers’ committee); Toni Stephan (speakers’ committee), Signe Danler (registration committee), and Donita Godwin (newsletters) ~ as well as many, many committed Master Gardener volunteers. Participating as speakers were: Weston Miller, Amy Garrett, Ramesh Sagilli, Heather Stoven, Neil Bell, Bernadine Strik, James Cassidy, and Master Gardener volunteers Patricia Kolling and Harry Olsen. Jordis Yost, Pami Monette, Kym Pokorny, and Patty Driscoll led some of the 18 tours that spanned out across the state ~ from Astoria to Crater Lake, and every place in between. Master Gardeners in Douglas County, Lincoln County, Tillamook County, Wasco County, Hood River County, Multnomah County, and Deschutes County welcomed us into their community and demonstration gardens.

Sponsors included the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, OSU Department of Horticulture, 21 Master Gardener Associations, and 10 Master Gardener volunteers and their families.

This event was truly a celebration of OSU Extension and the Master Gardener Program, and we thank all who were involved.

By the Numbers

1,294 registrations (3 countries, 46 states; 4 Canadian provinces);
18 tour with nearly 700 sign-ups;
48 presentations (3 keynote speakers and 45 breakout classes);
39 sponsors;
Over 100 volunteers;
50 trade show vendors;
3 meals
5 snack breaks
17 decorated bicycles ~ each representing the unique nature of a local Oregon Master Gardener Program; and
26 Search for Excellence awards.

Conference Photos:

Congratulations to Patricia Dawson: National Extension Diversity Award

Patricia Dawson is the recipient of the 2017 National Extension Diversity Award from ECOP. She will be honored at the APLU meeting.

Congratulations Patricia!

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Leading with Cultural Intelligence

In this new online course, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the challenges of leading and working in culturally diverse teams, as well as the skills needed to maximize and elevate your team to new levels of success.

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