In this week’s issue:

International Master Gardener Conference a Huge Hit

July 7-17, the OSU Extension Master Gardener faculty, staff, and volunteers hosted 1,297 people from across the United States, Canada and South Korea at the International Master Gardener Conference in Portland, Oregon. Planning for this event began all the way back in 2012, when we submitted our bid to host. After five long years of planning thousands of details, we had one huge, fun party across 10 days (including pre-tours and post-tours). We shared Oregon’s best with others across the nation (and beyond!), and learned from experts we would not otherwise be able to bring to Oregon.

This conference set the record for the largest International Master Gardener Conference, ever, and yielded many positive comments and compliments from our visitors from across the United States. Preliminary evaluations (~400 people responding, thus far) rate the overall conference as 4.6 stars (out of 5.0). The conference venue (4.72), registration (4.63, managed by OSU Conference Services), keynote sessions (4.59), and conference newsletters (4.57) also received high marks.

Dr. Won-Suk Lee, Coordinator of the Master Gardener Program for the Byeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services, was the sole Korean participant at the 2017 IMGC. South Korea initiated its Master Gardener Program 5 years ago. It is a government-run initiative with training and service requirements much like those in the U.S. As of today, there are 500 Korean Master Gardeners.

Dr. Tom Bewick, National Program Leader for Horticulture at the USDA, also joined the party. He was on hand to deliver opening remarks, and to help award the International Search for Excellence awards. Dr. Bewick ended up actively participating in the conference, July 11-13, because he was having such a great time meeting with and mingling with Master Gardener faculty and staff, from all over.

Oregon was honored with FOUR International Search for Excellence Awards (Marion County, 1st place, Research; Clackamas County, 1st place, Workshop; Wasco County, 3rd place, Special Needs; Lincoln County, 3rd place, Youth). To read the short write-up about each awarded project, click here.

Key OSU Extension personnel involved in this Herculean effort include: Gail Langellotto (conference chair); Amy Jo Detweiler (speakers’ chair); Carrie Smith (speakers’ committee); Toni Stephan (speakers’ committee), Signe Danler (registration committee), and Donita Godwin (newsletters) ~ as well as many, many committed Master Gardener volunteers. Participating as speakers were: Weston Miller, Amy Garrett, Ramesh Sagilli, Heather Stoven, Neil Bell, Bernadine Strik, James Cassidy, and Master Gardener volunteers Patricia Kolling and Harry Olsen. Jordis Yost, Pami Monette, Kym Pokorny, and Patty Driscoll led some of the 18 tours that spanned out across the state ~ from Astoria to Crater Lake, and every place in between. Master Gardeners in Douglas County, Lincoln County, Tillamook County, Wasco County, Hood River County, Multnomah County, and Deschutes County welcomed us into their community and demonstration gardens.

Sponsors included the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, OSU Department of Horticulture, 21 Master Gardener Associations, and 10 Master Gardener volunteers and their families.

This event was truly a celebration of OSU Extension and the Master Gardener Program, and we thank all who were involved.

By the Numbers

1,294 registrations (3 countries, 46 states; 4 Canadian provinces);
18 tour with nearly 700 sign-ups;
48 presentations (3 keynote speakers and 45 breakout classes);
39 sponsors;
Over 100 volunteers;
50 trade show vendors;
3 meals
5 snack breaks
17 decorated bicycles ~ each representing the unique nature of a local Oregon Master Gardener Program; and
26 Search for Excellence awards.

Conference Photos:

Congratulations to Patricia Dawson: National Extension Diversity Award

Patricia Dawson is the recipient of the 2017 National Extension Diversity Award from ECOP. She will be honored at the APLU meeting.

Congratulations Patricia!

Branding Update

Finding Extension Logos

You can find links to logos in the “For Employees” section of the Extension website (same place they have always been!).

  • On the Extension homepage, select “For Employees” from the top menu and then “Employee Resources” in the dropdown menu.
  • Next click on “Marketing Tools” and then “Logos” in the right navigation bar. There, you will see the link to companion logos. Clicking this link opens the “Extension and AES” Box.

o The “Extension and AES” Box is the one-stop-shop for brand assets specific to University Outreach & Engagement, OSU Extension, and Ag Experiment Station.

o In this Box, there are three “pages” of unit folders. You can sort by name, and also use the pager arrows (upper right next to the Download button) to move to the next page.

o Each folder has logos in .png and .eps formats. Open the .eps logo folder and the logo art sheet to view logo color options and file names.

Tip: You can also use the “favorites” feature in Box for quick access to your commonly used files and folders. Here’s a short video from our friends at URM.

Please review the OSU brand guidelines before using the logo.

If you need assistance, please contact Ann Marie Murphy at or by calling 541-737-1327.

OSU Social Media Avatar and Picture

Do you manage an OSU-affiliated social media site? New brand guidelines ask us to use the OSU crest with the grey background for University Outreach and Engagement and OSU Extension. Look for the “Download Social Avatars” link at:

If you need assistance, please contact Ann Marie Murphy at or by calling 541-737-1327.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

In this new online course, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the challenges of leading and working in culturally diverse teams, as well as the skills needed to maximize and elevate your team to new levels of success.

Go to for more information.

Extension in the News

Seniors find relief in “Walk with Ease” program
The Curry Pilot
July 18, 2017
Featuring: Curry County Extension

‘Try again’: youths put STEM skills to test building 2-wheeled kit vehicles at the library
The Argus Observer
July 20, 2017
Featuring: Barbara Brody, Malheur County

In this week’s issue:

2017 WEDA Awards of Excellence

Congratulations to Silvia Rondon for the Training IPM Professionals in Rural Areas: A Model to Achieve Sustainable Knowledge and Clive Kaiser for the Prevention of Fruit Cracking in Sweet Cherries as they have been named as recipients of the Western Extension Directors’ Association Awards of Excellence for 2017.

The awards will be presented at the Western Region Joint Summer Meeting on Wednesday July 12, 2017

Branding Update

Branded fonts

Branded fonts will be installed automatically by CN to off-campus OSU Extension workstations by the end of the month. More information will be forthcoming this week.

Find logos and letterhead

Logos and letterhead for units within the Division of University Outreach and Engagement can be found on the Extension website. Go to the “For Employees” tab and select “Employee Resources.” In the right navigation bar, select “Marketing Tools” then “Logos.” In the second bullet on the Logo page is a link to “companion logos.” There is a folder for each unit in the Division of University Outreach and Engagement. NOTE: there are three pages and folders are not in alphabetical order, so you will need to flip through the pages to find your unit. Each folder also contains the unit’s letterhead.

To see the color variations for the logo, open the EPS folder of logos and open or download the PDF of the logo art sheet. If you do not have the Adobe Creative Suite on your computer, you will not be able to view the .eps files, but you can attach them to emails to send them to printers, approved promotion item companies and graphic designers. Use .png format files for digital applications and when using Microsoft Office.

Please review the OSU guidelines for logo use. If you have questions, please contact Ann Marie Murphy (, 541-737-1327).

Abstracts for Journal of Extension Special Issue on Innovation Due June 30

The Journal of Extension Board, in partnership with eXtension, is pleased to announce a Call for Abstracts for the Journal of Extension Special Issue on Innovation. The 200-word abstracts are due June 30, 2017.

For this special issue, we are looking for examples from the following areas:

  • Technology and its innovative application (examples include but are not limited to 3-D and virtual reality, Oculus Rift, story maps, augmented reality, 3-D printing, Internet of Things)
  • Case studies of road-tested innovations in effective volunteer management
  • Case studies demonstrating new models for needs assessment
  • Case studies documenting new business models for sustainable programming
  • New or adapted program delivery methods (examples include but are not limited to collaborative learning, maker spaces, flipped classroom)
  • Mobile learning and social media (examples include but are not limited to eXtension Education Technology Tweet-ups, Facebook video streaming, GIS)
  • Innovative access to Cooperative Extension resources (examples include but are not limited to maker fairs, mobile apps, hybrid learning, virtual classroom)
  • Evaluated models of engagement with new audiences (examples include but are not limited to STEM in the Mosque (Purdue University), community gardens by refugees, Urban Extension initiatives, private/public partnerships)

Submissions should be no more than 200 words, clearly articulate how the proposed contribution relates to one or more of the key areas above, and concisely describe the technology, program, or methodology and its application to Cooperative Extension.

Submission Method and Due Date
Special Issue proposed abstracts should be uploaded to JOE Special Issue Abstract Submission. The due date for submission is Friday, June 30, 2017, at midnight EDT.

Submission Review & Timeline
Abstracts will be selected after review by the Special Issue guest editors. Selected authors will be notified by email on August 4, 2017. Contributors are expected to submit completed full manuscripts for review on or before November 30, 2017. The Special Issue has a tentative publication date of July 31, 2018.

Inquiries or Questions
Any inquiries about the Call for Paper Abstracts should be submitted to the issue manager: Dr. Ken La Valley, University of New Hampshire Extension, or (603) 862-4343.

Journal of Extension, June 2017 Issue

The June 2017 issue of Journal of Extension is now available online. The articles can be accessed on the JOE website at

This month there are two articles from OSU Extension:

  • Brooke Edmunds (Linn & Benton Counties), Christine Hadekel (Oregon Food Bank), and Pamela Monnette (Linn & Benton Counties) for their Ideas at Work article on the gardening curriculum for beginning adult gardeners, “Seed to Supper.”
  • Mary Arnold (Corvallis campus), Jamie Davis (Lake County), and Roberta Lundeberg (Corvallis campus), for their Research in Brief article on the Oregon 4-H

Extension in the News

By any name, these insects are a pest
Capital Press
June 19, 2017
Featuring Jordan Maley, Gilliam County Extension

Blue-green algae incidence found in south Lake
Lake County Examiner
June 22, 2017
Featuring Pete Schreder, Lake County Extension

In this week’s issue:

New Promotional Items

Please visit the new promotional items order form featuring items with the new logo and items with the old logo that are on clearance.

Pens, folders, and pencils with the new logo are in stock. Aprons and metal water bottles are on their way.

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the OSU students who graduated over the weekend.

Please leave a comment to wish graduates (OSU, High School, other university, or even preschool) good luck on their next chapter in their lives.

Deadline for Innovation grants is coming up

To encourage and support innovation throughout our organization, we are launching an Innovation Award Program for the Division of University Outreach and Engagement.

We hope you will find this an opportunity to try something!

Here’s how it works:

  • Form your team. Teams must include a partner from outside of the OSU Extension Service or Open Campus
  • Innovation Award pitches are due July 1
  • Submit pitches as a two-minute video link
  • Address the criteria mentioned in the award program video announcement
  • Send the video, or link to video, to Jeff Sherman (
  • Videos can be made from phones, cameras, the built-in camera on your computer, screen capture, drones—whatever works for you! Creativity is encouraged
  • Pitches will be evaluated by the O&E executive team, the O&E Collaborative, and our Extension iTeam, according to Innovation Indicators (attached)

Innovation Awards are:

Innovation Awards are NOT to:

  • Fund current Extension FTE.
  • Expand upon current programming.

For more information, please check out the award program video announcement. Questions? Please contact Jeff or leave a comment on the YouTube page

OSU Trivia

To gear up for the 150 Celebration, University Events is looking for OSU Trivia to include in a game they are creating. If you have a bit of OSU Extension Trivia that you think she be a part of the game, please send your trivia question to

If you would be interested in hosting the OSU 150 Trivia game at your county fair this year when Benny comes to visit, please let Jill Wells know.

In this week’s issue:

National ESP Award winners and Ruby Ruby award Winner

Congratulations to Oregon’s national ESP winners from the western region!

Ruby award winner, Scott Reed

Dr. Reed is the 2017 recipient of Epsilon Sigma Phi’s highest recognition the Distinguished Service Ruby. As the Ruby Recipient Dr. Reed will make the prestigious Ruby Lecture at the Ruby Luncheon on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 during the conference.

  • Continued Service Award – John Williams
  • Mid Career Service Award – Lynette Ranney Black
  • Early Career Service Award – Jamie Davis
  • Visionary Leadership Award – Pamela Rose
  • International Service Award – Ross Penhallegon
  • Distinguished Team – Carole Smith, David Melville – SNACZ (Students Now Advocating to Create (healthy snacking) Zones

Innovate Extension 2017 Wrap Up

Innovate Extension was a wonderful success. Teams were able to let creativity fly to build solutions in a collaborative environment.

Updated timeline and milestones for Extension Web Upgrade Project

To view the latest updates to the OSU Web Upgrade Project, visit:

Project team contact information is available, but it’s possible the answer to your question is amongst the FAQ’s. Be sure to check that first.

Branding update: Logos, letterheads and fonts


For information and download links, refer to the logo resource webpage (Extension website > Employee Resources > Marketing tools > Logos). This page provides a link to download companion logos from OSU Box.

  • There are subfolders for Extension, O&E, Open Campus, Outdoor School, and each Extension and branch experiment station location.
  • There is also a subfolder for the 4-H emblem. Please note this folder includes a document with guidelines for use of the 4-H name and emblem.
  • Within OSU Box, you can “save link” to any Box folder or subfolder. These links will then appear as shortcuts/bookmarks from your OSU Box homepage.
  • Logos are saved in two formats: .png (for digital and Microsoft Office use) and .eps (for use in professional printing, large projects like banners, and Adobe Creative Suite software).
    Please read the logo use guidelines in the Brand Guide before using the logo.


  • The three brand fonts will be purchased for every workstation in the Division.
  • We anticipate fonts will be automatically uploaded to workstations the week of June 19 or June 26.
  • According to the licensing agreement, the fonts only can be distributed within our organization. If you use outside vendors or freelancers, those businesses will be responsible for purchasing the fonts. Purchase information can be obtained by emailing


  • Letterhead for units within University Outreach and Engagement can be found in Box. For more information about letterhead, please review the information on the employee resources web page.

Please review the Branding FAQs or contact Ann Marie Murphy (, 541-737-1327).

May Quarterly Conversation available

The May 19 Outreach and Engagement quarterly conversation included discussion of the new OSU brand and OSU150. If you missed it, check out the recording. Mark your calendars for the next Quarterly Conversation on August 18, 2017.

2017 Extension Annual Conference Planning Survey

Each year the Oregon State University Extension Association (OSUEA) helps plan the Extension Annual Conference. This year the conference will take place December 4th to 7th in Corvallis. We need your help to determine the professional development workshops and breakout sessions that will be offered for faculty and staff during the week. Please take a few moments to complete the survey below. It should take about 10 minutes of your time. We appreciate your valuable input.

If you have any questions about the Extension Annual Conference, please feel free to contact us.

Many thanks!

Jenny Rudolph
2017 OSUEA President

Wendy Hein
2017 OSUEA President-Elect

Extension in the News

Project helps preserve native plants
Featuring, Columbia County Extension

In this week’s issue:

Quarterly Conversations: This FRIDAY, May 19

Plan to attend the next O&E Quarterly Conversation on May 19, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., Kidder 202 and livestreamed. This is your opportunity to ask questions of O&E leadership and to learn about O&E and Extension initiatives.

OSU 150, special guest, Shelly Signs
Branding Discussion

Join us in Kidder 202, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., or join via livestream and ask your questions online.

Nurturing Mason Bees in Your Backyard in Western Oregon is a winning publication

Brooke Edmunds submitted the Extension mason bee publication Nurturing Mason Bees in Your Backyard in Western Oregon (EM 9130) for the National Association of County Agricultural Agents communications contest, and it won! It is the winner for Oregon as well as a National Finalist in the publication category.

Congratulations to the winning team of Brooke Edmunds, Richard Little, Ramesh Sagili (authors), and Ariel Ginsburg (copyediting and design).

Here’s the link to the publication:

Branding Updates

Extension letterhead templates
Letterhead templates with the new OSU logo that have been approved are posted and available for download. Additional templates are added daily as they are approved. For content changes to letterhead, contact Denise Ashley.

New and expanded FAQs
The FAQs have been updated with additional information on logo use, cobranding, and letterhead.

Brand launch videos
The videos of the Brand Launch Symposium (April 25) sessions are now available on the Brand Guidelines website. If you were not able to attend the symposium and want to learn more about the OSU master brand, these videos will be helpful. The links are at the bottom of the Brand Positioning, Our Voice and Visual Identity pages in the Brand Guide.

College of Forestry Outstanding Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Tammy Cushing who received the College of Forestry’s Aufderheide Award for Outstanding Teacher. The awardee is selected by the students in the College, and recognizes teaching excellence. Tammy is the Starker Assistant Professor of Private and Family Forestry, and Extension Specialist in Forest Economics, Management and Policy in the FNR Extension Program.

Youth Program Safety Training May 24th and June 12th

Dear Colleagues, Precollege Programs will be offering youth program policy and safety training workshops on Wednesday May 24th 11:00-12:20pm and Monday June 12th 11:00-12:20pm. The workshops support the work of faculty, administrators, and students who lead youth programs, or work with youth. We will cover the policies and guidelines that govern University youth programs, as well as best practices and safety procedures.

Sign up for EITHER date
Wednesday May 24th 11:00-12:20pm in Owen 106
Monday June 12th 11:00-12:20pm in StAg 160.

Register for a workshop at this link:

Student Job Posting: Benny the Beaver Handlers at the County Fairs

University Events has again posted a job for OSU Students to assist Benny while he’s on his Oregon County Fair tour this summer. If you know an OSU Student who is looking for a fun job this summer, have them apply at:

Student Outreach Assistant (Benny Assistant) position closes TOMORROW, May 16th. Stipulations are that they must be enrolled at Oregon State University and able to leave from, and return to Corvallis for each county fair trip.

Extension in the News

Researchers concerned about resistant Texas psyllids
Capital Press
May 8, 2017
Featuring Silvia Rondon

In this week’s issue:

What can/should I do right now with the new OSU brand and logo?

Remember, you do not have to change anything immediately! Use existing supplies and transition to the new logo as it makes sense, such as when you reorder items. Before using the new logo, please spend time with the brand guide.

  • Change social media avatars and profile pictures (see guidelines and grey social avatar file).
  • Request OSU logo (Extension and other Division logos will be available soon.)
  • Announce the new logo and brand in your newsletters and on social media. Include links to the logo and brand videos/posts from OSU’s main social accounts.
  • Read the Division branding FAQ and brand guide to get familiar with the new brand.
  • Contact Ann Marie Murphy if you have questions (, 541-737-1327)
  • Be patient! New resources will be made available in the coming weeks. Watch ConnEXTions for updates.

A letterhead template with the new logo is in development. As soon as it is available, Denise Ashley will create new letterhead for each office (we anticipate it will be ready to download the week of May 8).

SPARK Event: Spread the Blue

Panel discussion with Nike, Harvard Pigments Museum, HGTV and others

The College of Science is delighted to invite you to a special event, “The Colorful World of Pigments,” exploring how YInMn blue, the first new pigment in 200 years, has stimulated conversation about the science behind the color and its innumerable applications.

Through this new blue lens, our panel of experts will share their perspectives on how share their perspectives on how an accidental scientific discovery has rippled across industry and disciplines, from art, pop culture, and design to technology.

  • LAB TOURS: See where and how YInMn blue was discovered by chemist Mas Subramanian. Space is limited. 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.
  • ART EXHIBIT: Featuring works by students and professionals using YImMn blue. 9 a.m. – noon.
  • PANEL: Lively discussion about the art and science behind color featuring experts from Harvard Pigments Museum, Nike, The Shepherd Color Company, HGTV Design and OSU. Plus a special guest will make a surprise announcement you won’t want to miss! LeeAnn Garrison, Director of OSU’s School of Arts & Communication will moderate the discussion. 9-10:30 a.m.
  • COMMUNITY WALL MURAL: Express yourself in this creative activity for kids and kids at heart. 10:30-noon.

Join us for coffee and light breakfast from 8 – 9 a.m.

Register today!

Research Office Forum

For Cascades and Extension

Date: Friday, June 9th
Time: 9am-1:30pm – Presentations and discussion; 2pm-5pm – One-on-One or Small Group Consultations
Catering: Lunch will be provided by the Research Office
Location: OSU Cascades Campus, Bend OR
Intended Audience: Cascades and Extension faculty, staff, and students

Content: Representatives from the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) and the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development (OCCD) will provide updates and field questions. Presentations will be followed by an afternoon reserved for one-on-one or small group meetings to discuss your research projects and disclosures; training; student advising; or any other needs that faculty, staff, and students may have while we are on campus!

9:00-9:15 Introductions and updates about electronic research administration (eRA) system Mark Peters
9:15-9:30 Export Controls, International Compliance, Unmanned Systems Mark Peters
9:30-10:00 General Field Safety Policies including Scientific Diving and Small Boat Programs Kevin Buch
10-10:30 Intellectual Property and Commercialization Dave Dickson
10:45-11:15 Animal Care and Use Rebecca Henry
11:15-11:45 Conflict of Interest Nicole Wolf
11:45-12:45 Working lunch
12:15-12:45 Research with Human Subjects Lisa Leventhal
12:45-1:30 Q&A All
2:00-5:00 Consultations by prior appointment All

If you plan to attend, please rsvp by Wednesday, May 31st to as we will need to have an estimated number for catering. If you would like an afternoon appointment, please email and indicate whom you would like to meet with. Feel free to contact the individual presenters with questions before the forum.

Please encourage your students to come and be a part of this event!

Extension in the News

Not Just a Boys’ Club: Women Hooking Into Fishing Industry
Voice of America
April 27, 2017
Featuring Flaxen Conway, Sea Grant