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Diversity Highlights

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Events & Resources

Communication Across Barriers Workshop: Poverty, Race, and Consciousness with Dr. Shariff Abdullah and Dr. Donna M. Beegle. Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 1 – 5 p.m. at the Unity of Portland 4525 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97215. For more information and to register, click here.

Opening Space for the Radical Imagination: This FREE workshop will take place on OSU’s Corvallis campus, April 6-8, 2018. For more information visit:

In the News

OSU prof: Social policies kept child poverty from rising during recession (KTVZ)
Social policies enacted in the United States during the Great Recession appear to have kept child poverty rates stable during a critical period when such programs were most needed because of a struggling economy, an Oregon State University researcher has found in a new study.

You can now help the homeless in Portland just by picking up a bag of coffee (Willamette Week)
The idea was hatched by a team of graphic design interns at Oregon State University, with the help of local ad and branding agencies Ideaville and Marigold and New Seasons quickly signed on when asked.

OSU building names (Think Out Loud)
Oregon State University president Ed Ray announced this week that the school will be renaming three of its buildings after concerns were raised about the values and views of the men they were named after. We talk to OSU historian Stacey Smith, who headed the historical building research team, and Steve Clark, who chaired the architectural building renaming committee, about what went into the decision and how these kinds of controversies will be handled in the future.

The impact of food safety

Foodborne Illness is expensive and dangerous. Glenda Hyde uses this article, High Cost of Foodborne Illness to illustrate the importance of the work Extension does. We are making a difference!

Extension in the News

Comice to Cabernet

The Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center (SOREC) has planted a new trial vineyard, the fourth such site established by the agricultural experiment station since the 1950s and the third in its present West Medford location.

Hermiston Farm Fair highlights latest research, trends
Capital Press
Heading into its second year at the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center, the Hermiston Farm Fair continues to add new lectures and seminars highlighting previously overlooked aspects of Columbia Basin agriculture.

A grower with industry influence: 2017 Grower of the year
Mike Omeg receives Grower of the Year honor.

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