In this week’s issue:

Benny the Beaver County Fair Tour

University Events has put together an awesome website with information regarding Benny touring the county fairs this summer and it can be found here:

The site will be updated with information regarding Benny’s tour. If you know of anything that maybe helpful to include in the site, please let Jill Wells know ( and she we see to it that the information is available.

Pole, Peddle, Paddle in Bend

Congratulations to Karissa Dishon, Diana Stevens, Melanie McCabe, Jamie Davis, Samara Rufener and Katy Joyce for making 4-H proud with their performance at the Pole, Peddle, Paddle in Bend. Well these Green Clover colleagues have instituted a challenge. Next year at this time there will also be a Golden Clover team (note the reference to age/experience in the term “Golden”) vying to compete in this same event. The Golden Clover team of Todd Williver, Eric Dunker, Woody Davis, Mary Arnold, Amy Derby and myself will also try to make 4-H proud! (We secretly just want to make sure our bodies are still intact after this event). Mark May 20, 2017 on your calendars to cheer on this adventure. Dave White has signed on to provide logistics and positive support. He has already provided his first statement of support to the team with…“May the course be with us”!

EESC Express Recording

The EESC Express recording of last Thursday’s web show about “Anatomy of a Good Press Release” is now available for viewing here.

This was our season finale for the EESC Express, and we need your feedback to better meet your needs. Please click here to take a two minute survey on the EESC Express (whether you watched or not…everyone welcome!) Thanks!

Zoom Webinars for 500 Participants a New Benefit for eXtension Member Institution Professionals

For many years, Iowa State Extension has been hosting Adobe Connect Webinars for Communities of Practice (CoP) and Learning Networks (LN) on behalf of eXtension. As indicated earlier this year, this service will end on July 31st, 2016.

As part of eXtension’s recent acquisition of new tools for use by professionals at eXtension Foundation member institutions, eXtension has secured the use of Zoom Webinars to assist CoPs, LNs, and other users with webinar services. Zoom Webinar benefits include providing a public space that can accommodate up to 500 viewers at a single webinar.

If this change of service affects you or your colleagues, eXtension provides the following assistance to help you transition to best meet your needs. Your CoP/LN may use eXtension’s Zoom Webinars, or:
• Continue to use Iowa State Extension’s Adobe Connect for a fee by contacting for more information and pricing.
• Use your home institution’s video conferencing or webinar platform.
• Conduct and host your webinars yourself using tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or GoToWebinar, etc.

If in the past you have recorded eXtension webinars using Iowa State’s Adobe Connect that are currently hosted at Iowa State and posted on eXtension’s Learn or any other web page, the recording will continue to be available for up to one year. eXtension is working with Iowa State and contacting eXtension users with archived recordings to identify recordings that need to be kept and those that can be purged. Recordings that need to be saved can be uploaded to YouTube or other storage of your choice.

If you or your colleagues currently have eXtension webinar time scheduled with Iowa State’s Extension Adobe Connect on or after August 1, 2016, please contact Iowa State ( to discuss your options for using their system at a fee or canceling your reserved webinar time.

It is up to individual CoPs, LN’s or past eXtension webinar service users to decide which service they prefer for future use: 1) eXtension’s Zoom Webinar system 2) Iowa State Extension’s Adobe Connect for a fee; 3) their home institution’s webinar services; or 4) hosting their own webinars using free or for-fee tools.

If you wish to discuss how this change in eXtension webinar service affects you, please feel free to contact Ashley Griffin at If you wish more information on scheduling a future webinar using eXtension’s Zoom Webinar system, please review the Zoom Webinar Request form or contact Mark Locklear

Zoom is highly recommended from other OSU Extension employees who have had experience with it.

OSU Table Cloths

From Sue Mabe in Sherman County:

We are ordering 4 of these tablecloths from Blue Dawg and wondered if anyone else would like to add on to our order. As you can see, the price goes down with increased numbers. We will be ordering next Thursday, June 2, so please get back to me by June 1.

OSU Tablecloth
OSU Tablecloth

And your current price is as follows:

1-3 @ $218.00ea.
4-6 @ $210.00ea.
7-12 @ $202.00ea.
13-25 @ $196.00ea.
26-50 @ $186.00ea.
51-75 @ $174.00ea.

No reorder setup charge.
Production time is about 7 working days.
Shipping: Not included.

In this week’s issue:

Congratulations Lane County!

Voters in Lane County approved a 5-year local option tax to fund Extension programs. Congratulations to the team of volunteers who worked so diligently to promote the measure. The 70% approval rating is a testament both to their efforts, and to the value Lane County residents place upon Extension programs.

2016 NAE4-HA Western Region Winners from OREGON

Communicator Educational Package,  Team Oregon Mary E. Arnold & Mary Stewart
Communicator Educational Piece,  Team Oregon,  Mary E. Arnold Liv Gifford, Mary Katherine Deen, Janet Edwards
Communicator Personal Column, Wendy Hein
Excellence in Healthy Living Award, Mike Knutz, Maria Falcon & Luciana Falcon
Excellence in Natural Resources/Environmental Education Award, Janet Naegle

EESC Director Candidates’ Presentation/Open Forum

Extension and Experiment Station Communications (EESC) would like to invite you to attend and participate in the presentation and open forum with each candidate for the director position (formerly department head). Please see below for the dates and times. All sessions will be located in Kidder Hall, room 202.

Monday, May 23, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. – Jennifer Alexander
Tuesday, May 24, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. – Michael Williams
Thursday, May 26, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. – Lorraine Elder

Each candidate’s presentation/open forum will also be streamed live at with live chat for participants that cannot attend in person or are located off campus.

Virtual Reality in Wasco County

From Lu Seapy, Wasco County Extension:

Wasco County has been very excited about the learning opportunities available through augmented reality and virtual reality. Since January, our 4-H robotics and computer science programs have been researching different hardware and software available that will enhance our programs and excite students. In our day camp program, students view examples of 360 cinematography, storyboard an idea for a movie and film using a specialized camera. We upload the videos to an existing YouTube channel. Students are able to view the videos via various 3-D viewers including Google Cardboard and ViewMaster 3-D viewers. Our most developed project involved our FTC robotics team. At our Super Qualifier tournament in Hillsboro, students filmed other teams robots using the 360 cameras and used the viewers as scouting tools. At these tournaments, teams send out scouts to find partners to form alliances with. The teams with strong alliances generally do better in the competition. The videos allowed other teams to quickly look at all competitors robots and determine if this would be a good alliance for them. Students are extremely excited about this new technology and loved seeing their robotic creation recorded on YouTube and viewable as a 360 video. Examples of the FTC videos can be found here:

Examples of the Day Camp videos with OSU ChickTech collaboration here:

We have learned many things in creating these videos. For example, the videos must be brief (30-40 seconds) due to upload times. There is a need for support videography equipment turntables and tripods. An external mic and boom would also be beneficial. Recently we and have ordered and Oculus Rift and we are looking forward to having students create their own virtual environment.

Submersible Robotics Teams Compete in Oregon Regional Championship

By Lu Seapy

Two robotics teams from The Dalles placed within the top ten of their divisions at the Oregon MATE (Marine Advancement for Technology in Education) Regional Competition April 29. The teams, ROV Sharks and Stardust Overload, are made up of ten students from Wasco County 4-H Robotics program at The Dalles Middle School. They competed against 42 other teams from across the state.

The ROV Sharks placed 7th in the Navigator (intermediate) division. The team was led by Chase Sam with students Caleb Parsons, Justin Wilkerson, Dannelly Dominguez, Trenton Schacher, and Asher Young and competed against 14 other teams.

One ROV Shark’s major accomplishment this year was achieving neutral buoyancy with their robot, Challenger Deep II. “We never got to that stage last year,” said Sam. Achieving neutral buoyancy means the machine can be naturally suspended in water without sinking or floating. This allows the robot to be extremely responsive to controls and better at completing the missions. “Most teams never get to that stage,” so its very impressive said coach Jesus Acosta.

Stardust Overload placed 10th out of 15 teams in the Scout (beginners) division scoring 102 total points. Team members Angel Garcia, Frances Fuller, Ian Casteneda, Kegan Kuku, Saul Hernandez Sanchez, and Shane Squires were all new to underwater robotics this year. “I’m very proud of all of the work these students put in. They really pulled together as a team,” said Acosta.

Building submersible robots is very challenging as all electronics and motors have to be completely waterproofed. In order to compete students research, design, and build a robot capable of navigating underwater with the goal of completing set missions.

“I’m so impressed by all of the problem solving and team work that the kids have to do in order to participate in this program,” said parent John Schacher.

In building the robot students use pipe cutters, drills, saws, soldering equipment and a variety of hand tools. Students solder and waterproof all motors and electrical components. The robot’s frame is constructed out of PVC pipe tubing. To control the robot, students solder a circuit board connected via a 25-foot tether.

The program is part of a collaborative project between Wasco County 4-H and The Dalles Middle School, who generously allows students to meet and participate in their computer lab. Special thanks go out to The Dalles Fitness and Court Club for donating afternoon pool sessions for students to drive their submersible robots.

If your student is interested in robotics or learning more about the ROV program, contact Lu Seapy at for more information.

Lu Seapy is an Education Program Assistant with OSU Wasco County Extension Service and a certified technology and business instructor.

Wasco County Extension Robotics Team
The Dalles submersible robotics students (Left to Right). ROV Sharks team members: Asher Young, Chase Sam, Trenton Schacher, Caleb Parsons (not pictured, Justin Wilkerson). Stardust Overload team members: Frances Fuller, Angel Garcia, Shane Squires, Keegan Kuku, coach Jesus Acosta, Ian Casteneda, Saul Hernandez Sanchez.

In this week’s issue:

EESC Director Candidates’ Presentation/Open Forum

Extension and Experiment Station Communications (EESC) would like to invite you to attend and participate in the presentation and open forum with each candidate for the director position (formerly department head). Please see below for the dates and times. All sessions will be located in Kidder Hall, room 202.

Monday, May 23, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. – Jennifer Alexander
Tuesday, May 24, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. – Michael Williams
Thursday, May 26, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. – Lorraine Elder

Each candidate’s presentation/open forum will also be streamed live at with live chat for participants that cannot attend in person or are located off campus.

The EESC Express

EESC Express Logo

Hop aboard the EESC Express on Thursday, May 19th with Kym Pokorny and Gail Wells, EESC’s news team. They’ll share tips for building good relationships with the media, and they’ll show you step by step how to craft a compelling news release. This is our season finale for the EESC Express! Hope you’ll catch us.

When: Thursday, May 19th at 10AM
Where: Click here to join our Webex meeting
Webex meeting number: 920 576 072

Questions? Contact Jeff Hino

Brought to you every 3rd Thursday at 10 a.m. by Extension and Experiment Station Communications

PACE/Extension Online Enrollment Initiative

PACE is committed to helping all Extension county and districts obtain online enrollment access for all programs by 12/31/16. There are no intake windows and we are welcoming all programs, courses, events, workshops. PACE has increased flexibility and scaled up resources to support this Extension initiative. The process begins by submitting an online registration setup request and PACE will follow-up within 24 hours to confirm the information and start working on the request.

In this week’s issue:

OSU Extension Web Upgrade Project: Discovery Report Available

Last week, your Extension web steering committee shared a near-final draft of the project Discovery Report with Scott Reed. Now, you can also view the executive summary, or read the final full report.

This report is a key milestone in our web upgrade project. We all aspire to make our next generation of OSU Extension websites user-driven, easier to manage, and truly awesome. But before we decide “how we’ll get there” we need to know where we are, where we could be, and what we might encounter along the way.

This report summarizes the past year of research, including web data; competition analysis; and input and feedback from internal stakeholders, Extension administrators, and the steering committee. It also outlines what research is still to come, and offers a glimpse of emerging priorities for web development strategies and features.

What can you do to help?
Later this month, we will offer an Extension-wide survey to gather additional feedback and input on priorities. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have comments on the Discovery Report, or questions at any time, please contact EESC (or by phone: 541-737-3311), or anyone on the steering committee.

—Your Web Steering Committee
Jeff Hino, Tamara Hill-Tanquist, Brooke Edmunds, Ann Marie Murphy, Alisha Atha, Patrick Proden and Victor Villegas

Cooperative Extension’s Role in Adult Learning and Development Webinar

Did you know there is an organization to nourish the adult educator in you? It’s the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE). You’re invited to join a webinar entitled Cooperative Extension’s Role in Adult Learning and Development sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Special Interest Group of AAACE on June 8, 2016 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern. To learn more and register, visit the link:

Benny the Beaver at the County Fair: Schedule for 2016

Benny will be visiting Oregon County Fairs again this summer. Check out the schedule below to see when Benny will be at YOUR County Fair:

7/8 Marion
7/16 Linn
7/23 Columbia
7/28 Hood River
7/28 Jefferson
7/30 Coos
7/30 Washington
8/2 Clatsop
8/3 Union
8/5 Malheur
8/5 Yamhill
8/6 Benton
8/6 Deschutes
8/11 Baker
8/11 Polk
8/12 Crook
8/12 Tillamook
8/12 Umatilla
8/13 Grant
8/13 Wallowa
8/13 Wheeler
8/16 Clackamas
8/18 Morrow
8/19 Wasco
8/20 Klamath
8/20 Lincoln
8/24 Sherman
8/27 Curry
9/1 Lake
9/2 Gilliam
9/9 Harney 1/2 day
9/10 Harney 1/2 day

New Opportunities for Extension Professionals 

To learn what’s new in eXtension, a recording from eXtension Learn, “New Opportunities for Extension Professionals” is available to view online.

Global Activity Database Launch, May 17

From the Office of Mark Hoffman Vice Provost for International Programs:

Dear OSU Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students:

I am excited to announce a new collaborative resource, the Global Activity Database. The database is designed to help build community around international activities such as teaching, research, and service.  In the past, it has been difficult to identify the international interests of individuals and to help facilitate in collaborations. The Global Activity Database is the first step in making these processes efficient and user-friendly.

To launch the Global Activity Database, we are holding a short Q&A session on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM in the Memorial Union, Room 206. The Global Activity Database ( is an online, searchable tool that organizes and can be used to connect faculty, staff, and graduate students based on their international expertise, research interests, and more. Enrolling takes only a few minutes and the benefits are many. Please plan to come learn more about the Global Activity Database and enjoy the provided light refreshments.

During International Education Week 2016, those enrolled in the Global Activity Database will be invited to meet with campus peers with similar country and regional interests.  The college and/or division with the most faculty and staff enrolled in the database will be recognized at the event.

Thank you for continuing to support the internationalization efforts at OSU. I hope to see you on May 17 at 10:30 in MU 206 to provide you with more information.

-Mark Hoffman