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OSUEA 2015 Awards

Below is the complete list of award recipients for 2015:

This year’s Hoecker Grant Awards:

Title: “Student-built Tsunami Quests Lead to Higher Ground”
Cait Goodwin – PI
Award: $4000

“Decrease Physical Inactivity and Change Health Behaviors in Community Setting”
Barbara Brody – PI
Award: $2090

“Commercial BeeKeeper Training Workshop”
Dr. Ramesh Sagili – PI
Award: $3655

“Smarter Cafeterias Training for Food Service Professionals”
Patty Case – PI
Award: $3500

“Expand the Seed to Supper Program in Benton and Linn County”
Brooke Edmunds – PI
Award: $2755


OSUEA Experienced Faculty Award

Jamie Davis – Lake County
Neil Bell – Polk & Marion County
Todd Williver – Lincoln County
Sandra Carlson – Clatsop County
Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas – 4-H Tech Wizards


OSUEA Newer Faculty Award

Dr. Ramesh Sagili – Corvallis
Katie Ahern – Deschutes County
Toni Stephan – Deschutes County
Jon Gandy – Jefferson County
Robin Maille – Union & Baker Counties


OSUEA Team Award

Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) Teens as Teachers Program
Mary Arnold, 4-H Youth Specialist
Carolyn Ashton – Benton County 4-H
Maggie Livesay – Benton County 4-H
Shanna Northway – Grant County 4-H
Barbara Brody – Malheur County 4-H
Sue Hunt – Josephine County 4-H
Judi Peters – Polk County 4-H
Lynette Black – Wasco County 4-H
Maureen Hosty – Metro 4-H


OSUEA Classified Staff Award

Holly Burton – Douglas County
Laurie Gibson – Linn County


OSUEA Educational Assistant Award

Jared Delay – Clatsop County
Jody Einerson – Benton County

OSUEA Professional Faculty Award (Administrative)

Kim McCullough – Wasco County


OSCAR HAGG Communication Award

Jenny Rudolph – Lead Principal Investigator
FCH/SNAP-Ed Programs – Columbia County
Lauren Tobey – Co-Principal Investigator
SNAP-Ed Program, State Team
Sandra Carlson – Co- Principal Investigator
Clatsop County 4-H
Mandy Hatfield – Co- Principal Investigator
FCH/SNAP-Ed Programs – Douglas County
Rose Jepson-Sullivan – Co-Principal Investigator
SNAP-Ed Program – Lane County & State Team


OSUEA Search For Excellence

Oregon Master Bee Keeper Program
Carolyn Breece and Dr. Ramesh Sagili


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AP/AD Candidate Open Forum Videos

If you were unable to watch the live streams of the Associate Provost/Associate Director of Extension candidate open forums, or would like to rewatch the presentations, they are available to watch at the links below:

Nov. 18, Linda Alexander:

Nov. 19, Lindsey Shirley:

Dec. 2, Ken Martin:

Dec. 3, Ed Martin:

Dec. 21, Bill Hubbard:


Please fill out an evaluation form (Evaluation AP-AD) to use for input, due by January 7 to Jackie Russell (fill-able pdf, click submit button top left of form to automatically email


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CPHHS Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement/FCH Program Leader Update

From Pamela Rose:

As many of you know the search for the new CPHHS Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement/FCH Program Leader is underway. We understand that there are excellent candidates already in the pool, but the deadline is not until the end of January. With interviews to follow, it is likely that our new leader will hopefully be in place by June or before. Dean Tammy Bray sent out an email today addressing the interim leadership for this position. The FCH program leader duties are being addressed in a team approach. I have been asked to serve as the interim Associate Dean of Outreach and Engagement for CPHHS (0.1 FTE) to focus on the following tasks:

  • Continue to move the dial and the dialogue in the role that Oregon Extension (particularly 4-H, FCH & SNAP Ed programs), along with our colleagues in CPHHS, plays in furthering the national Health Extension agenda
  • Continue to strengthen relationships across the college, the campus, and the state for outreach and engagement
  • Work with the team of CPHHS Associate Deans (Marie Harvey and Vicki Ebbeck) and Tammy Bray to review all Promotion and Tenure process and assist with preparations
  • Provide strong communication and overall leadership of the 4-H, FCH and SNAP-Ed units

I am excited to serve in this capacity for this interim period. These are important conversations that I have already begun to be a part of and that will only elevate and enhance the great work being done in Extension and within CPHHS.


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Draft 1 Division Values & Goals

The first draft of the values and goals for the Division that are in development for inclusion in the 2016 Strategic Plan are available online for you to review. Your input is valued.

Please note, between January 22nd and January 29th she will be holding a series of meetings for all Division faculty and staff to get your detailed feedback on the next draft of the values and goals.

The committee is gathering input now from the Division Executive Team, Program Leaders, Directors, and Regional Administrators on this draft. January 22nd through January 29th is the time for Division faculty and staff to give detailed feedback on the next draft of the values and goals. At that time any and all aspects of the draft will be on the table for revision.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback for us, please contact a member of the committee:

Unit within the DivisionCommittee RepresentativeContact Information
EESCDio Morales541-737-0814;
Extended CampusLisa Templeton541-737-1279;
ExtensionDerek Godwincell 503-510-7582;
Extension Lena Etuk (Committee Chair)541-737-6121;
Open CampusJeff Sherman 541-737-1384;
PACEJohn Buzzard541-737-5741;


More Worthy award recipients at OSU Extension Conference:

4-H Hall of Fame

Sherri Jensen, Yamhill County

Mary Mosier, Lane County

Barbara Sawer, Benton County

Sue Weinbrecht, Linn County


ESP Retiree Service Award

Duane Johnson

Tammy Skubinna


25 Years of Extension Service

Scott Reed

Willie Riggs

Doug Hart

Janice Cowan

Mylen Bohle


Also a note of congratulations to Patricia Dawson, 4-H Faculty Member in Umatilla County who is the National President of Epsilon Sigma Phi through 2016.


Extension Annual Conference Follow-up.  

Chris Geith presentation:

For those who missed it or anyone who wants a refresher, the presentation by Chis Geith, CEO of eXtension, is available online.

As a follow up to Mark Pratten’s presentation:

Op-ed: Correcting myths about Millennials
America’s students are speaking up about complex flaws in higher education—but because of their age, few people are bothering to listen, Sophia McClennen writes in Quartz. Read more

Links to photos taken during the conference award ceremonies:

4-H Hall of Fame: 




Thank you to your years of service to OSU Extension and best of luck in your retirement.

Janice Cowan, Baker County Extension

Sandy Macnab, Sherman County Extension

Randy Mills, Umatilla County Extension

Jim Reeb, Lincoln County Office


Congratulations Wasco County 4-H Robotics Teams

Two 4-H Robotics Teams from Wasco County, Fusion X and System Overload, have been selected to compete in the state tournament at Liberty High School January 9-10. Please visit The Dalles Chronicle article to learn more about these awesome teams coached by OSU Extension employee Lu Seapy and North Wasco County School District employee, Jesus Acosta.

presenting robot
Students Jordan Scherer, Leo Polehn, Trenton Schacher, Shane Squires, and Jacob Ganders explain how they built and programmed a unique robot design to a panel of tournament judges.
Two Wasco County 4-H / The Dalles Middle School Lego Robotics show off their advancement and robot design trophies. Back Row: Shane Squires, Jordan Scherer, Leo Polehn. Middle Row: Francis Fuller, Jacob Ganders, Trenton Schacher,. Front Row: Ian Casteneda, Keenan Kuku, Angel Garcia, Gabe Stein.
mission field
Fusion X team members Shane Squires, Gabe Stein, Jordan Scherer, Nathan Ganders, Jacob Ganders, and Trenton Schacher watch as their robot attempts to press the correct button to activate the Composter Mission


In this week’s issue:

Extension Annual Conference Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who made the 2015 Extension Annual Conference a success.

Extension Administration and OSUEA is interested in your feedback. Please take the time to fill out the short survey on the conference so that the committee can make any needed adjustments for next year.

While at conference, was there a moment when things finally clicked for you? Did you learn a new approach to solving a problem? Did you learn something new about a program, employee or Extension all together? If you had an “A-ha” moment while at conference, please share it with us in the comment section.

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Faculty and Staff Awards Recognition at the 2015 Extension Conference

OSUEA Awards 

The OSUEA Awards are to recognize superior and distinguished achievement of OSU Extension Association faculty and staff. The Dale and Alice Hoecker family established the Extension Innovative Grant Program in 2001 to encourage and support Extension faculty in developing and delivering programs that address a high priority need for an Oregon target audience through creative and innovative approaches. Hoecker grant recipients receive up to $4,000 for their proposed project.

Hoecker Newer Faculty
Toni Stephan
Robin Maille
Ramesh Sagili
Katie Ahern
Jon Gandy

Hoecker Experienced Faculty
Jamie Davis
Neil Bell
Todd Williver
Sandra Carlson
Octaviano Merecias

Professional Faculty
Kim McCullough

Education Program Assistant
Jared Delay
Jodi Einerson

Classified Staff
Holly Burton
Laurie Gibson

Youth Advocates for Health Yeah 4-H
Mary Arnold
Maggie Livesay
Shana Withee
Barbara Brody
Sue Hunt
Lynette Black
Maureen Hosty

Oscar Hagg Extension Communication
Food Hero
Jenny Rudolph
Lauren Tobey
Sandra Carlson
Mandy Hatfield
Rose Jepson Sullivan

Hoecker Innovation Grant Program
Cait Goodwin
Barbara Brody
Ramesh Sagili
Patty case
Brooke Edmunds


OSU Extension Association Search for Excellence Awards
The Search for Excellence program recognizes and honors accomplishments in Extension Education through an OSUEA peer selection and review process.

Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

Team Members: Caroln Breece and Dr. Ramesh Sagili


Ask an Expert

When the very first online question arrived in our system in 2011, few knew that OSU Extension Service’s Ask an Expert system would become a flagship engagement tool for OSU Extension. Since that time, Extension faculty, staff and Master Gardener™ volunteers have answered over 15,000 questions, reaching out to thousands of Oregonians—more than half of whom of whom have never before interacted with Extension.

Faculty Exceptional Performer
Pam Opfer, Master Gardener Program Coordinator, Benton County

Faculty Exceptional Performer Runner-up
Bill Buhrig, Crops & Forages Faculty, Malheur County

Volunteer Exceptional Performer
Pat Patterson, Master Gardener, Lane County

Volunteer Exceptional Performer Runner-up
Anna Ashby, Master Gardener, Yamhill County

Question of the Year
Linda Brewer, Senior Faculty Research Assistant, Horticulture Department


ESP Faculty & Staff Awards

Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) is dedicated to fostering standards of excellence in the Extension System and developing the Extension profession and professional. These awards are designed to pay the highest chapter tribute to Extension professionals who have consistently exhibited leadership and excellence in Extension program planning, delivery, evaluation, program support and/or administration.

Meritorious Support Service
Katie Johnson
Francesca Lopez
Patti Craven

Distinguished Team
Lynette Black
Dani Annala

Diversity Multicultural Individual
Barbara Brody

Diversity Multicultural Team
OSU Open Campus Juntos Program
Jeff Sherman
Ana Gomez
Ruth Jones
Jennifer Oppenlander
Ann Harris
Maydra Valencia
Emily Henry
Brenda Guiterrez

Early Career Service
Luisa Santamaria

Mid Career Service
Mike Knutz

Distinguished Service
Joy Jones

Continued Excellence
Janice Smiley

Visionary Leadership
Deborah Maddy

Administrative Leadership
Doug Hart

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Mark Platten presentation

For those of you who weren’t able to attend Keynote Speaker, Mark Platten’s presentation at the Extension Conference, or need a refresher, you can view his presentation slides here.

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Vote for your favorite OSU climate or food systems project

At the Annual Extension Conference, Chris Geith, CEO of eXtension, presented on the i-Three strategy to develop new programs centered on Issues, Innovation and Impact where a group of 200 Cooperative Extension System professionals will make up the i-Three Corps. Three (3) Extension Professionals in Oregon have submitted applications to be a part of that group and you can vote for Amy Garett, Brooke Edmunds or Victor Villegas to be a part co-inventing the future.

eXtension will work alongside them to make a measurable impact on issues related to climate and food systems by experimenting with new tools and modeling new behaviors. Help OSU stand out by voting for your favorite OSU project (only one vote per person). Voting closes at midnight on December 16. To learn more about the projects and to vote for your OSU favorite, click: Seed to Supper, Dry Farming Project, and Drones aiding food security and sustainability. If you’d like to learn about the other 97 nominated programs, go to Vote For the Corps.

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Digital Measures video resources now online

Linda Brewer has posted videos on the Extension/CAS Digital measures for you to reference. The videos include information on:

  • 2015 Reporting Checklist for Extension
  • Using Digital Measures – Getting Help!
  • How to login
  • And MORE!

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Thank you for Tweeting

While at the 2015 OSU Extension Annual Conference, many attendees took to social media with the hashtag #OSUExtCon. It was great to see people engaged with the conference in a different way.  During Chris Geith’s presentation, attendees were encouraged to tweet their answer to the question, “What would you like to learn in 15 minutes?”

The hashtag was shared with another OSU who happened to be having an Extension Conference at the same time. Oregon State had the opportunity to learn about Ohio State’s Extension Conference by viewing all the tweets to #OSUExtCon.

For a recap of the conference, check out all the tweets from both universities here.

If you would like to learn more about how to effectively use social media, Victor Villegas will be hosting a Social Media webinar on December 16th at 11am through eXtension.

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2015 OSU Extension Annual Conference

Campus will be busy with OSU Extension faculty and staff this week as they attend the 2015 OSU Extension Annual Conference.  The office for Extension Administration will be lightly staffed this week. Look for an update on the conference in next week’s ConnEXTion newsletter.

Using social media to share your thoughts on conference?  Use #OSUExtCon to help collect your thoughts and engage with other attendees.


Congratulations to Derek Godwin and Donita Roseboro

The next time you see Derek and Donita please be sure to wish them them much happiness on their marriage.  The two were married on November 27, 2015.