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May 23, 2016

Focus on ECampus – Chris Trice on Online Organic Chemistry

Today we focus on Naval Officer Chris Trice, who has worked his way through our online organic chemistry and will be applying to med schools this summer. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your Ecampus experience with us! Help us get to know you better. Where are you from? What career are you in (or working […]

May 9, 2016

Focus On ECampus – Sara Askounes

Today we highlight distance student Sara Askounes, an Ohioan who has followed her curiosity into the realms of nutrition, dentistry and music. Below she shares her experience with our online organic chemistry sequence: Please share your background so we can get to know you better—what career are you in, or working towards? What inspired you […]

January 25, 2016

Focus On ECampus – Brendan Freeman

In this week’s Focus on Ecampus, we bring you Mr. Brendan Freeman: actor, musician, and aspiring physician from New England. What career are you working towards? What inspired you to choose this path? I am 22 years old and currently live in central Massachusetts. I have recently completed my undergraduate education in May of this […]

December 28, 2015

Focus On Ecampus – Kelsey Dobesh

Our second student spotlight for December is on Kelsey Dobesh, who hails from New Mexico but is currently living in Colorado and attending CSU. Please share your background so we can get to know you better. What is your major? What inspired you to choose this path? I am currently a pre-veterinary medicine student at […]

December 11, 2015

Focus on ECampus – Lilly Lawrence-Briggs

Our first December Focus on Ecampus interview is with Lilly Lawrence-Briggs, who is currently applying to Vet Med schools (including OSU). She discusses how helpful she found the lecture videos that some of our instructors incorporate into their online courses. How did you find out about our online chemistry courses? What did you like best […]

July 1, 2015

Who Am I? Wednesday – Daniel Myles

Name: Daniel Myles Area of Study: Organic Position Title: Senior Instructor of Organic Chemistry Why Chemistry? (What about it initially interested you, etc.)? I fell in love with chemistry in grade 11. Had an inspirational high school teacher. He took me under his wing and even let me helped with the teaching/preparation of his grade […]

May 29, 2015

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Winter 2015 – Collin Muniz

Collin Muniz was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of The Crimson Tide, but quickly moved to LA, then on to Oregon where he attended Beaverton High School. His sophomore year at Beaverton High, he took his first Chemistry class. He fondly remembers his instructor, Patrick Cripey, performing an acid-based reaction in which he dissolved a […]

June 30, 2012

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Spring 2012 – Sam Bartlett

Sam Bartlett has been selected as an undergrad chem major of the quarter for Spring 2012.  Sam was born in Sunnyside, WA but was raised in Lake Oswego, OR until 4th grade when he moved to Corvallis.  He attended Crescent Valley High School.  Sam picked OSU because of its strong reputation, the in-state tuition costs and wanting to […]

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