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November 30, 2016

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Fall 2016 – Jason Sandwisch

Chemistry Major, Jason Sandwisch, the newest Fall 2016 Undergraduate of the Quarter recently sat down with Department Chair, Rich Carter to discuss what brought him to OSU, his favorite parts of the program and his plans for the future. Jason was born in Vancouver, Washington. He then moved briefly to Colorado with his parents, but […]

March 28, 2016

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Winter 2016 – Marshall Allen

Congratulations to Marshall Allen on being selected as one of the Winter 2016 Undergraduates of the Quarter. Marshall grew up in Bend, Oregon.  He graduated from Summit High School, home of the Storm; where he was a member of the swim team.  He remembers taking AP Chemistry his sophomore year from Mr. Mohel and “really, […]

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Winter 2016 – Blake Erickson

Blake Erickson has been named one of our Undergraduates of the Quarter for Winter term 2016.  He grew up in Fairview, Oregon where he attended Reynolds High School which has one of the largest student bodies in the state of Oregon. Blake said he didn’t even consider an out-of-state school because it would have been […]

December 14, 2015

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Fall 2015 – Kenneth Stout

Kenneth Stout has been selected as one of the Chemistry Department’s Fall 2015 Undergraduates of the Quarter.  Kenneth was born in San Diego, California but recently moved to Tualatin, Oregon with his family after his father accepted a job at Intel.  He attended Mount Carmel High School and chose Oregon State University for his higher […]

May 15, 2015

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Winter 2015 – Alec Kagele

Alec Kagele was born in Roseburg, Oregon and had never taken a Chemistry class until coming to OSU. He bounced around various Engineering and Science degrees before landing in his first Chemistry class and fell in love. Alec took General Chemistry from Margie Haak; long before she developed the flip classroom environment. He was not […]

June 19, 2014

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Spring 2014 – Cassandra Lew

Cassandra Lew has been selected as one of our Undergrads of the Quarter for Spring 2014.  Cassandra grew up in Rock Springs, WY where she has lived her entire life prior to coming to OSU. She graduated from Rock Springs High School and it was a high school teacher  (John Gamble) that peaked her interest in […]

February 28, 2013

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Winter 2013 – Arsalan Zolfagari

Arsalan was born in Portland and went to Aloha High School.  He came to OSU because of the high quality of education available here for a “fraction of the cost of other places.”  During freshman orientation, he was initially registered as a biology major. When Dr. Chris Pastorek walked into the College of Science orientation and announced […]

June 30, 2012

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Spring 2012 – Sam Bartlett

Sam Bartlett has been selected as an undergrad chem major of the quarter for Spring 2012.  Sam was born in Sunnyside, WA but was raised in Lake Oswego, OR until 4th grade when he moved to Corvallis.  He attended Crescent Valley High School.  Sam picked OSU because of its strong reputation, the in-state tuition costs and wanting to […]

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