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April 19, 2019

What do the Nobels mean?

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Upcoming surplus and recycling service delays

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Spring is here and everyone is into the spring cleaning, so much that keeping up with the inflow of recycling and surplus is a challenge given our available resources.

In addition to spring cleaning, other seasonal activities have increased:

  • Increased event recycling requests.
  • We are prepping for the Res. Hall Move-Out Donation Drive. This starts May 28 with set up and runs through late June. We are expecting 15+ tons of materials to be removed from the residence halls and donated or sold at Surplus. We started in 2010 with 6 tons and due to the efforts of Recycling, Surplus, UHDS, and volunteers, we have been able to help over 15 non-profits every year and reduced the items going to the landfill. To recoup our costs, some materials will be resold through the store during our normal department and public sale hours, and at a special Saturday sale on June 22.

To accommodate this increased demand, we have implemented the following solutions:

  • Added evening and weekend hours for services related to move out
  • Hired more student staff
  • Added more confidential bins to our inventory
  • Moved move out sorting operations to the fairgrounds to minimize disruptions at our warehouse

The Bottom Line:

With all these efforts we are still challenged in meeting demand. Our services for recycling special requests, event recycling, surplus pick-ups, and move services will be halted or delayed May 27 – June 19. We appreciate your patience. 

Alternative Options:

Here are some alternatives and ways you can be a part of the University’s efforts for sustainability while also reducing your wait time:

  • Surplus: If you have the ability to bring your property to the warehouse, you can eliminate the 2-3 week wait time for pick-up. We can accept on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8 am – 4 pm, if you first submit the required drop off request and give us a call at 541-737-7347. Please remember that surplus items cannot be left in hallways in your building, as this violates fire safety regulations.
  • Recycling: If you have any clean-out or confidential carts for recycling that aren’t being used, please put inan online request to be returned. If you have special recycling pick-up requests to make, please submit soon. These special pick-ups will not be provided June 5-19.
  • Events: Event recycling and trash services will be limited May 27 – June 19, 2019. We will make every effort to accommodate requests that are made at least 10 business days before your event if your request comes in before Memorial Day weekend. Requests for events hosted May 27 – June 19 that are submitted after Memorial Day or less than 10 business days before your event will not have priority and we may not be able to accommodate them.
  • Campus Moves: To address the higher priority needs of managing waste, recycling and surplus property pick-ups, we will not be providing move services May 27 – June 19, 2019. There are several local moving companies to assist you during this time frame; see examples here. If you choose to move yourself, you may borrow a hand truck or dolly from the Surplus warehouse.

Thank you,

Rae DeLay

Materials Manager – Campus Recycling & Surplus


April 16, 2019

COS Per Diem Exception Memo for Hosting Official Guests of OSU

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As discussed at the CLT meeting last Tuesday, attached is the new College of Science per diem exception memo for hosting official guests of OSU.  As you can see, the amounts of the limits are the same as in the past: $50 per person for dinner, $20 per person for lunch, and $15 per person for breakfast, plus up to a 15% tip.  However, there are a few important reminders and changes to note:


  1. Please remember that alcohol expenses ARE included for purposes of applying these limits, even though they are billed separately to the OSU Foundation


  1. This exception applies ONLY to hosting “official guests” of OSU, which means that it does NOT apply to meals with just other OSU employees or students


  1. The number of OSU employees who may accompany a guest for a reimbursable meal is now limited tothree, unless an exception is approved by the Dean or Executive Associate Dean


  1. Meals above the exception memo amounts must obtain PRIOR approval of the Dean or Executive Associate Dean in order to be fully reimbursable



Please pass this information along to anyone in your units who may be hosting official guests.  As the letter states, employees are expected to use good judgement and act as good stewards of OSU and OSU Foundation funds.  Expenses must be reasonable for the event and must provide a clear benefit to OSU and its mission.  Hosting employees should ask the budget authority, Dean, and/or ASBC about unclear cases prior to spending, or risk having to pay all or a portion of the expenses with their personal funds.


All cases NOT falling under this memo (i.e.: all meal costs NOT related to hosting an official guest of OSU) are still limited to the federal per diem amounts for the area in which the meal is held.  Please see the travel page on OSU Business Affairs website ( if you are not aware of the limits for your area.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




Nick Dollar, CPA | Finance & Accounting Manager

Arts & Sciences Business Center | Oregon State University

2042 Cordley Hall | Corvallis, OR 97331 | Phone: 541.737.1220


ASBC website:

(He, Him, His pronouns)

April 5, 2019

EPA is hiring in Corvallis and Newport and elsewhere!

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EPA is opening the hiring gates a bit—5 positions here in Corvallis/Newport and over a hundred positions across the Office of Research and Development within EPA. Are there any mechanisms to alert the University community about these opportunities? Can you point me to the right person?


Two post-docs (one in Corvallis and one in Newport)

Beyond what’s going on in Oregon, EPA is hiring a total of 70 (!!) post-docs


In addition, we have three Recent Graduate Pathways positions posting soon (probably by the end of the month at There will be an additional 30-40 of these positions across Office of Research and Development within EPA.

  1. Administrative Officer – starts at GS-07 – Minimum bachelor’s degree
  2. Analytical Chemist – starts at GS-11 – Minimum master’s degree, prefer PhD
  3. Statistician – starts at GS-11 – Minimum master’s degree, prefer PhD

These positions are potentially convertible to permanent federal employees after a year.

April 4, 2019

Men’s Chemistry Softball Signups (D-League)- “The Alchemists”

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We need chemists for The Alchemists! There is a sign-up sheet for the men’s chemistry softball team in the Chemistry Office (Gilbert Hall). All levels of players are welcome. Games are held once a week on weekday evenings from the week of May 12th to the end of July with a few playoff games in August. Games normally begin at times between 6-9 pm, last about an hour and twenty minutes and are held at several Corvallis Parks’ fields. The cost to the players is ~$30/person (+$10 for out of town players) to cover league fees and equipment with the Chemistry Department graciously covering half of our dues. Join us for some fun and exercise. 
Sign up deadline is April 18th. 
For questions email Ryan McQuade:
April 3, 2019

Winter 2019 Honor Roll

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Congratulations to the Chemistry Department’s Winter 2019 Honor Roll students.  Keep up the good work, all!

Aldous, Tanner
Alghumiz, Nasser
Altuhova, Zoya
Ash, Kaitlyn
Bailey, Conner
Baker, Amanda
Berger, Rachel
Berrey, Shayla
Brown, Jessica
Chen, Jasmin
Conroy, Jocelyn
Downing, Hannah
Fried, Zachary
Fuller, Duncan
Gerl, Kathryn
Gonzales, Seth
Hagglund, Lindsey
Hamann, Zachary
Jenck, Rachel
Jiang, Jiana
Johnson, Jesse
Justen, Savannah
Koga, Kenneth
Lee-Rouille, Taylor
Li, Jessica
Lopez-Arana, Jonathan
Nagasaka, Cocoro
Oldfield, Mathew
Puryear, Madison
Ray, Miriya
Reeder, Eryn
Sagal, Samuel
Skanes, Benjamin
Smith, Hannah
Sosnovske, Alden
Spence, Kieran
Srey, Jason
Tannenholz, Ehman
Tenoyo, Keenan
Tomlinson, Kiara
Unitan, Lindsay
Vergis, John
Wallace, Phillip
Weeks, Emma
Wolf Beaton, Ian
Wong, Derek

New Opportunity For Early Career Professionals (Materials)

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Dear Materials Community:

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) has created a new opportunity for early career professionals in materials science and engineering.  The new award is called the Frontiers of Materials Award and is aimed at early career scientists who can bring new and exciting topical areas that are not well captured in existing TMS programming.  The newly extended application deadline is April 8, 2019.  A link with a full description and application materials is  Professor Tim Rupert of UC Irvine is one of the volunteers for TMS that was involved in developing the award, and any questions or concerns may be directed to him at

With warm regards,




Linda S. Sapochak, Ph.D.

Division Director

Division of Materials Research

National Science Foundation


Where Materials begin and society benefits!

ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Research Funding

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The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) invites exceptional young researchers to apply for an ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship ( This fellowship provides recipients the opportunity to pursue independent research while working alongside some of the nation’s best scientists and engineers. Applicants must display extraordinary ability in scientific research and show clear promise of becoming outstanding leaders. Successful candidates will have already tackled a major scientific or engineering problem or will have provided a new approach or insight, evidenced by a recognized impact in their field.

Eligibility criteria

  • By the application deadline, applicants must have completed all the requirements for a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree in the physical sciences, life sciences, computational sciences, behavioral sciences, or engineering. Applicants who intend to defend their dissertation after the application deadline are not eligible.
  • As of the application deadline, applicants may not be more than five years beyond the award date of their Ph.D. or Sc.D.
  • There are no citizenship requirements; however, selected fellows must pass a Department of Defense clearance process, requiring a background security investigation.
  • Foreign nationals must get further DoD approval, requiring a background investigation.
  • Applicants must demonstrate exceptional qualifications with respect to academic and scholarly achievement, as evidenced by research and publication.
  • Candidates are expected to have conducted research on a major scientific or engineering problem during their thesis work or have provided a new approach or insight, evidenced by a recognized impact in their field.

Fellowship terms and benefits

  • An annual stipend of $100,000
  • Health insurance (including dental and vision)
  • Paid relocation and a professional travel allowance
  • One-year appointments are renewable for up to three years based on performance.
  • Fellowship appointments require a full-time commitment to the research program at ARL.
  • Fellows must be in residence at ARL during the entire period of the appointment.

Sincerely yours,

  1. Ray Gamble
    Director, Fellowship Programs Office
    National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
    500 5th Street NW, Keck 531
    Washington, DC 20001
March 25, 2019

Applications for PCOSW scholarships and event co-sponsorships for summer and fall term projects are now being accepted:

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The President’s Commission on the Status of Women provides funding to OSU community members who are pursuing professional development, research, outreach, or creative projects related to women’s issues. Scholarships average $300 and are paid by reimbursement. Applications are due Friday, May 3, with notification in Week 7. Visit for detailed guidelines, qualification requirements and application links. Questions? Contact Joy Jorgensen at

Mentoring and Professional Development Award

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PCOSW seeks nominations for the University Mentoring and Professional Development Award. This award, presented each September at University Day, recognizes any classified, professional faculty or academic/research faculty member who excels in mentoring, supporting and encouraging OSU employees, especially women and those from under-represented groups or non-traditional careers. The deadline for nominations is May 1. To access the nomination guidelines and application link, visit

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