OnTo develops technologies for recycling and reclamation of lithium-ion battery materials for electric vehicle and other applications.


The Company is accepting applications for an ONAMI Graduate Student Internship position in industrial research and development.  A successful applicant will have interest and experience in  (1) experimental physical sciences, (2) chemical process engineering (3) mechanical engineering and/or (4) automation engineering.


A successful chemistry intern will handle air sensitive compounds, build batteries, deconstruct batteries, characterize materials, program battery testing protocols, develop chemical processes.  A successful engineering intern will program machinery, perform separations and chemical processes on battery materials. The internship anticipates prioritization of chemistry; however, The Company anticipates hiring in all of these areas.


MS students studying chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics engineering, automation engineering, physics or materials science are encouraged to apply.  OnTo is located in Bend, Oregon, which is where the intern will be working.  The position is anticipated to start mid-September (17) 2018 or mid-October (9) 2018, and be completed in June 2019 (assuming 9 months).   The intern will be mentored by Dr. Steve Sloop, President of OnTo Technology LLC.



Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a one-page cover letter, one-page resume, and three reference contacts to sales@onto-technology.com

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