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September 6, 2017

OSU Experience Site

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The OSU Experience site was launched about a year ago to provide students with a comprehensive website that highlights co-curricular and support services across campus. From experiential learning programs, to civic engagement opportunities, to living-learning communities, the site features a broad range of paths for students to engage and find meaning. This is also a tool for you when working with students — feel free to contact me if you would like promotional materials about the website to display in your student spaces.

The site has recently expanded to include a section for faculty and staff. This section provides information on how you can connect with students beyond the classroom. As we gear up for the new academic year, visit this section to find ways that you can impact students’ co-curricular experiences in meaningful ways.


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Carolyn Boyd, Director

Oregon State University  |  Student Affairs Communications & Marketing  |  541-737-1553

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