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March 20, 2014

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Fall 2013 – Chadd Armstrong

Undergraduate of the Quarter - Winter 2014

Undergraduate of the Quarter – Winter 2014

Chadd Armstrong has been selected as one of our Undergrads of the Quarter for Fall 2013.  Chadd is a non-traditional student who returned to school after the 2008 economic downturn. Having moved around the Pacific Northwest growing up, he graduated from Lebanon Union High before following a professional career in other states. Embarking initially at LBCC seeking a diagnostics imaging certificate, his General Chemistry Instructor there (Ron Backus) inspired him – “Chemistry is the physics of the small.”  He went on to take Organic Chemistry from Brigid Backus who further motivated him to pursue a higher level of education.  Since transferring to OSU, Chadd states that he has especially enjoyed KC Walsh in Physics and Claudia Maier in Chemistry.  Professor Maier’s CH 422 course was “very clear, precise” and “methodical.” He has also enjoyed ATS 320 “Man’s Impact on Climate” which he describes as a very interesting and worthwhile class.  He became involved in research, while still at LBCC, during a summer research fellowship at Trillium Fiber Fuels where became acquainted with Professor & Reser Faculty Scholar Vince Remcho (one of the four co-founders of this company). While at OSU, Chadd has been conducting research in Professor Remcho’s lab. Research provides Chadd with that day to day exposure to real-world chemistry problems that helps to tie everything together.  He enjoys working with grad students because the experience has helped grow his confidence in his own abilities. From his prior work experiences, he has brought more computer programming into the Remcho lab.  Graduating this June, he will have been fortunate enough, from scholarships and fellowships, to finish without having taken on any debt.  After graduation, he plans to go on to Grad School to get a PhD in Chemistry on the west coast.  He really enjoys research in applied fields and his long term goal is to work in a national lab or a university where he can conduct research and teach.  In his free time, Chadd likes to travel, visiting family and friends, all of who are very important to him.

Chadd describes OSU as a “fantastic school” and he feels very invested here.  We are so grateful to have talented students like Chadd as Chemistry majors and we want to congratulate him on his successes.  It is future alumni like Chadd that make OSU Chemistry an amazing place!

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