My contact with the librarian

August 3rd, 2009

The librarian was very friendly when I contacted her. I used the instant messenger feature to contact her which was convenient but took longer than it could have if I was merely talking to her in person. She was helpful with ideas in ways to research my topic and technology and she was very resourceful in regards to what the library has to offer for my research. The way to find books in the library is pretty easy to figure out, so I did not feel the need to ask her how to go about doing that. I was pleased at how smoothly and easily the librarian was able to help me out.

Dr. Stephanie Kwolek

July 13th, 2009

Dr. Stephanie Kwolek is a Polish-American chemist who is primarily responsible for the invention of Kevlar- scientifically known as poly-paraphenylene terephtalamide. She was born born in Pittsburgh on July 31, 1923 and is known for her multiple awards in “polymer chemistry”.

Kwolek began her career at DuPont, a polymer chemistry company which invented other products such as neoprene, teflon, lycra, and other polymers. Kevlar was one of the main inventions at DuPont and has a variety of uses currently. Originally it was used to replace the rubber tires on racecars, but today is used in bicycle tires, racing sails, and more commonly body armor.

Dr. Kwolek is now in her mid-80’s and is still actively promoting science and science education. I believe it would be possible to conduct an interview via email on the implication that she is reachable and willing.

week 2 blog setup

July 2nd, 2009

I’m lovin’ what you can do with your blog. It’s hardly limited and is so easy to use. Especially with instructions 🙂 But really, I can see how people would get addicted to blogging, it’s fun, easy, and free! I’m looking forward to researching the coming project starting week 3. I think I’m going to research Stephanie Kwolek, she’s the woman who invented Kevlar. Good idea?… We’ll find out.

Blog setup experience

June 29th, 2009

So setting up a blog turned out to be extremely easy. There’s only a few steps to follow and the interface is very user-friendly. I’m not a huge fan of journals, diaries, or blogs though, so I’m sure I won’t be using this bad boy too much…