Current Lab Members

Clinton W. Epps
Associate Professor

Christina Aiello
Post-doctoral scholar

Rachel Crowhurst
Senior Faculty Research Assistant I
Population Genetics Laboratory Manager

Daniella Dekelaita
Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Paige Larson (formerly Minton-Edison)
Faculty Research Assistant I

Jennifer Nelson
Graduate Student (M.S.)

Paige Prentice
Graduate Student (M.S.)

Robert Spaan
Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Colton Wise
Graduate Student (M.S.)

Lab Affiliates

Luke Painter, Ph.D.
Instructor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Lab members (L-R) Daniella Dekelaita, Donelle Schwalm, Tyler Creech, Clint Epps, Rob Spaan, and Rachel Crowhurst
A few past and present lab members (L-R): Daniella Dekelaita, Doni Schwalm, Tyler Creech, Clint Epps, Rob Spaan, and Rachel Crowhurst.   Photo by Bruce MacGregor.

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students:

Jessica Castillo, Ph.D., 2015
Dissertation title: “Population genetics of American pika (Ochotona princeps): investigating gene flow and genetic diversity across multiple, complex landscapes.”

Tyler Creech, Ph.D.,  2016
Dissertation title: “Landscape-level approaches to desert bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) conservation in a changing environment.”

Rachel Crowhurst, M.S., 2012 (currently genetics lab manager/FRA)
Thesis title: “Landscape features affecting genetic diversity and structure in East African ungulate species.”

Mark Linnell, M.S., 2014
Thesis title: “Short-tailed weasel space use in managed forests of western Oregon.”

Katie Moriarty, Ph.D., 2014
Dissertation title: “Habitat use and movement behavior of Pacific marten (Martes caurina) in response to forest management practices in Lassen National Forest, California.”

Brandon Nickerson, M.S., 2014
Thesis title: “Effects of genetic drift, natural selection, and population connectivity on adaptive-linked genetic diversity of desert bighorn sheep.”

Robert Spaan, M.S., 2015 (currently enrolled in Ph.D. program)
Thesis title: “Dispersal behavior in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer): trade-offs between nutritional resources and disease exposure.”

Matt Weldy, M.S., 2018, Faculty Research Assistant 2018-2019
Thesis title: “Spatiotemporal associations of abundance and vital rates of co-occurring small mammals in a late successional forest.”

Post-Doctoral Scholars:

Michael Buchalski, Ph.D.

Donelle Schwalm, Ph.D.

Faculty Research Assistants:

Anne (Johnston) Davis, M.S.

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Antonio Cordero, B.S.

Juliana Masseloux, B.S., 2016
Thesis title: “Using detection/non-detection surveys to model land-use by East African carnivores and make suggestions for maximizing detection on range-wide rapid surveys.”

Abigail Sage, B.S., 2014
Thesis title: “Estimating density of a black bear population in Northeastern Oregon using dogs and genetic mark-recapture techniques.”

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