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Retro arcade game player

June 14th, 2013

Tetris cloneSometimes it’s in going backward that we move forward. At least that’s what Kyle Thompson, Flint Yoder, and José Terrazas may have thought when they designed a multi-user, open-source system that can host vintage arcade games such as Tetris and Snake. The system includes a controller; a super-bright RGB display designed to fit behind frosted glass to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of functional art; and handpicked joysticks meant to mimic the experience of gaming in a retro arcade.

The software runs on Windows and Linux out of the box, but Thompson said the user could take the source code and run it through a Python 2.7 interpreter on any computer and make it work. “The difference between our machine and others is that this is a really open-source kind of development,” he said.

Users can also write their own games in Python using an existing API. “Anybody can write a game for it as long as they follow our game coordinates,” said Thompson. “And, if they want to, they can plug it into our system with a USB memory stick and play the game right off the stick.”

–Marie Oliver

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