738764-1003-0031sName: Ana Lu Fonseca

Position:  4-H Youth Development Faculty

Hometown:  Uruapan, Michoacán, México

# of years at OSU:  It will be 4 in February 2015

Best part of your job: I love hanging working with vibrant, smart and awesome youth as well as colleagues that make me realize how wonderful knowledge discovery can be and how important is to stay open and enjoy what we do…

I really, really enjoy seeing a “discovery face” when working with youth in different settings.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: I am a marathoner. I love running and will do The Boston Marathon on April 2015!!!

Favorite book/movie/album:  I love non-fiction books, some of my lately favorite authors are Dan Arely and Charles Duhigg. I also love the “Freakconomics” podcast and book by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Ana Lu is a member of the first cohort of the division’s Leadership Development Program.

JeremyGreenName: Jeremy Green

Position: OSU Crook County Extension, 4-H Youth Development Faculty, Associate Professor, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Hometown: Prineville, Oregon

# of years at OSU: 7

Best part of your job: The best part of my job is working with the different people groups associated with Extension Outreach and Engagement. My job functions looks different nearly every day and I get the pleasure of interacting with a cadre of people including youth K-12th grade, adult volunteers, non-profit organizations, community organizations, and colleagues throughout OSU.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: In the summer of 2014, with two days’ notice, I decided to climb Mt. Shasta. The second tallest peak in the Cascade Range. It was a difficult, and scary at times trek to the summit. It truly was an experience I will not soon forget.

Favorite book/movie/album:  I am an avid reader and enjoy a plethora of different novels. My current favorite author is Daniel Silva. Though I will admit, I’m a major fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and enjoy reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I have read the trilogy nearly every year all the way through since junior high.

I also enjoy movies, and can quote line for line nearly every word of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

Jeremy is a member of the first cohort of the division’s Leadership Development Program.

By: Emily Henry, OSU Open Campus Coordinator in Tillamook

We had a great week at Oregon’s first Tech Trek camp here in Tillamook at Tillamook Bay Community College! Tech Trek is a nationwide science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) camp for 8th grade girls that we brought to Tillamook through a start-up grant from the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Tech Trek at TBCC is the only Tech Trek camp in Oregon and the only such camp in the country that is at a community college rather than on a university campus. We had 34 girls from rural, coastal Oregon communities who spent a week immersed in STEM activities—from using the Pythagorean Theorem to build kites to investigating the effects of ocean acidification on the shellfish industry to learning about women pilots and astronauts at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

The girls left with new experiences, new knowledge about STEM subjects and STEM careers, and new friends and mentors. Eventually, we hope that we will see these girls go on to take more math and science courses in high school, be more likely than their peers to major in science and math subjects in college, and eventually increase the number of women in the STEM workforce here in Oregon. After just a week, I had a camper tell me ‘I want to learn to fly a plane now’ and another say ‘I think I want to be a computer scientist when I get older’ and I think, we are well on our way to this goal.

This camp would not have been possible without the support of the community; grants from AAUW, Ford Family Foundation, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, OSU Precollege Programs, and Tillamook School District #9; individual donations; and the work of our camp planning committee, staff, and volunteers—thanks to everyone for this amazing week!

By: Keely Moxley, OSU Open Campus Coordinator in Klamath Falls

Rebecca Brooksher, a 28 year old mom of two, was the first graduate of a new agricultural sciences degree completion program, offered in Klamath Falls through Oregon State University and Klamath Community College (KCC). This is the story of her busy graduation weekend.



Thank you so much, Rebecca, for sticking with the program and encouraging others to do the same!

To learn more about Rebecca’s story, check out the Herald and News article

KaetyHildebrandName: Kaety Hildenbrand

Position: Extension Marine Fisheries Educator with Oregon Sea Grant

Hometown: Newport, Oregon

# of years at OSU: 11

Best part of your job: I love working with the commercial fishing fleet! I grew up in a commercial fishing family, and being able to work with fishermen brings a profound sense of connection and culture to my life. I have learned so much from the commercial fishermen that I work with, not just about fishing, and fisheries issues, but about life, love, and family.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:  That my dad was the nation’s first marine extension agent. I actually work from the same office that he did. When I got the job 11 years ago, I pulled his old desk out of storage and still work from it today.

Favorite book/movie/album:

My favorite books are: Salt in Our Blood by Michele Longo-Eder, and Ferdinand, a children’s book that I love reading to my kids.

My favorite movies are: The Amercian President.


SilviaRondonName: Silvia Rondon

Position: Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist Specialist

Hometown: Lima, Peru (Hermiston, OR since 2005)

# of years at OSU: 8

Best part of your job:

Talk and meet people and FLC

Freedom !!! I love the idea to guide my program following the needs of my clientele.

Location !!!! Eastern Oregon is a “hidden” gem.

Co-workers !!! The people I work with at the HAREC are just great.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:

I love music (good music): AC/DC, Creed, Artic Monkeys, oldies Billy Idol, and others. Soft side: John Mayer and Nora Jones J

Favorite book/movie/album:

Favorite book: Mi planta de naranja Lima (My plant or orange-lime) by Jose Mauro Vasconcelos. Movie: Serendipity and Star Wars.

BeccaHarverName: Rebecca Harver

Position: Volunteer Coordinator – Oregon Sea Grant

Hometown: Portland, OR

# of years at OSU: 6

Best part of your job: In addition to working alongside wonderful colleagues, I have the pleasure of working with enthusiastic volunteers, the public, and a variety of fascinating marine animals. Being based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in such a dynamic environment allows me to learn something new everyday, which definitely keeps my position fresh and exciting.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: I would karaoke everyday if I had the time and access!

Favorite book/movie/album: I have several favorites in each of these categories but felt greatly impacted years ago when I read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. My favorite album of 2013 was Hummingbird by Local Natives. Most of my favorite movies feature Bill Murray

2014 QM Award Winners
2014 QM Award Winners (L to R): Kuuipo Walsh, Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Mary Nolan, George Reese (back row), Phil Pepe, Stan Gregory (back row), Paul Ries, Kyle Cassady

By: Shannon Riggs, Extended Campus, Director of Course Development and Training

In Spring of 2013, Ecampus launched its Quality Matters Course Design Initiative. We chose the Quality Matters (QM) organization for several reasons: the program’s maturity (over 10 years); wide adoption (over 700 subscribing institutions); the student-centered philosophy; the collegial and collaborative nature of the program; its ability to establish clear standards while still allowing academic freedom and plenty of options; and finally, its research-based foundation.

Our goal was to improve the quality of our online course offerings by using the QM program and rubric to focus on course design. Courses that have been QM-certified provide online students with an orienting course overview and introduction; clear navigation; learning outcomes that are aligned with weekly objectives, assessments, and learning materials; effective uses of technology; learner support and engagement; and accessible course content. In short, QM-certified courses are student-centered in their design.

One year into the initiative, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results so far. We are excited to share this QM progress report:

  • 41 Faculty/Staff Members trained in QM standards
  • 23 Certified QM Peer Reviewers, who have served on 14 peer reviews here and at other institutions
  • 1 QM Master Reviewer
  • And, 12 QM-Certified Courses

Interested faculty can get involved with the QM initiative in two primary ways—by having a course reviewed, or by serving on a peer review team. Ecampus provides plenty of support for faculty opting to have a course reviewed and certified by QM, and training and stipends are offered to those who serve as peer reviewers or master reviewers.

To get started with QM, or simply to learn more, we invite you to register for an upcoming QM training:

  • On-Campus, 8:30 to 4:00, Wednesday, May 7, 2014
  • Online, July 14-28, 2014

For questions about the QM initiative, please contact institutional representatives Karen Watté or Shannon Riggs.

Dave_LandkamerName: Dave Landkamer

Position: Sea Grant Aquaculture Extension Specialist

Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

# of years at OSU: 3 Years, Master’s Degree in Aquaculture; 1 Year, current position

Best part of your job: The best part of my job is walking out on the mudflats at low tide to work with oysters, clams, and the hardworking shellfish farmers who collaborate with nature to supply us with delicious seafoods. Aquaculture is such a diverse topic, and I like the variety of projects that come to me; everything from farming mussels, koi, shrimp, trout, and aquarium fish to salmon enhancement and aquaponics.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:  In another fork of my professional career, I was a National Park Service interpretive ranger, working at Anasazi archaeological sites in the southwest, and studying the meanings that people make from their experiences at those sites.

Favorite book/movie/album:

My favorite albums today: Ronn McFarlan, The Scottish Lute; Jethro Tull,The Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull

My favorite books today: J. R. R. Tolkein, Lord of the Rings Trilogy; Christina Eisenberg, The Wolf’s Tooth: Keystone Predators, Trophic Cascades, and Biodiversity.