Shana Withee, state 4-H program coordinator for the 4-H international program, joined Anita Azarenko, interim vice provost for Extension and Engagement,for this month’s First Monday Update. The 4-H international program began to take shape in Oregon in 1973 to help youth gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

There are in-bound and out-bound opportunities to experience world cultures, including hosting students and adults from other countries and living inother countries. Youth do not have to be 4-H members to participate and 4-H Foundation endowments make participation affordable.

The 2020 program is postponed, but planning is underway for 2021. Consider opening your home for two weeks to a visitor from Japan, or encourage the youth you work with and know to engage with the world in a life-changing way.

Want to learn more or become a host family? Contact Shana and visit the 4-H international program website.

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One thought on “Explore the world through 4-H

  1. This is such a great opportunity and thing to do. it’s such a great opportunity to learn about other places in the world and just to see that there are so many other ways to live and to be. i wish we had an extra room at our house to put someone up. we also have no children, so the kid might find that a bit lonely…

    My partner and i lived in New Zealand for 6 years and became dual citizens there. One of the greatest things about living abroad is being able to see our country from another vantage point.


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