The Outdoor Recreation Economy Initiative (OREI) was launched by the division in January, 2019, with the support of OSU Impact Studio. Now in the pilot phase of development, Lee Davis, OREI executive director, shares an update with Extension and Engagement’s Associate Vice Provost Lindsey Shirley in this month’s First Monday Update. 

OREI is focused on workforce training, and community and economic development. Watch the video to learn why OSU Extension adds credibility to the initiative, the type of training that is being launched and what the future of OREI might look like.

Let’s hear from you! What needs do you see in your community related to the outdoor economy (or other sectors) where there is a training opportunity? Your ideas could accelerate economic development in our rural communities. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “OREI is an opportunity to help rural communities thrive

  1. Exciting new program for the University including the Extension outreach arm. Potentially very valuable asset for rural Oregon.

    There were times I could not hear Lee very well. Perhaps increasing recording volume would help.

  2. Just based on how much I enjoy Oregon—all parts, urban and rural—I often ponder what it’s gonna take to foster opportunities for reliable, well-paying jobs in all sectors across this awesome state. How cool it’ll be to look back on various successes in this effort and be able to realize that more and more communities are able to thrive again. Seriously… this is a top priority!


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