Jason O’Brien, OSU Master Naturalist program coordinator, joins Anita Azarenko to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the OSU Master Naturalist program. The trained volunteers are driven by their curiosity about Oregon, learning about the natural history and natural resource management of the state. The next five years will focus on creating a greater presence at the local level through Extension and partner relationships.

The Master Naturalist program has an emphasis on learning and outreach. Anita would like to hear how you see your programs connecting to the larger land grant mission of Oregon State University: teaching (learning), research (discovery) and service (outreach and engagement). Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Connecting to Oregon and OSU

  1. Congratulations Jason! Here’s to another 15 years (so that I can become a Master Naturalist when I retire!). To Anita’s question – In addition to our various research programs, the Outdoor School program is working with the OSU and several other Oregon University Education Departments to bring back a course, or series of courses (work/study) that permit students to receive credit for working as outdoor school instructors/leaders. Spirit Brooks can tell you more!

    • Thank you Rita for the info on the potential credit for outdoor school instructors/leaders. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. Thank you Rita! Would love to work on ways OMN and ODS can collaborate on volunteer integration. Congratulations to the entire ODS team on launching an amazing addition to the OSUE family of programs!

  3. Congrats to the Master Naturalist program!
    On my end, the Master Gardener program is connected to the greater OSU by connecting the latest and greatest research and best horticultural practices to the people of Oregon, via our amazing volunteers. Our Small Farms program is fearlessly leading the way in terms of producer engagement and leveraging the reputation and resources of the university to bring support to the small-scale family farms that are such a vital part of Oregon’s agricultural landscape.

    • It’s an honor to be in the company of the Master Gardener Program. This is a great part of what OSU Extension is, the engagement of our community partners and stakeholder groups, to make possible the research-based activities that improve the quality of life of Oregonians.

  4. Thank you Victoria. Yes we do have impressive MG and Small Farms programs. The small farms program is an exemplar for community engagement.


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