OSU recently rolled out guidelines on industrial hemp. Now tools are available to help you engage with the public. Join Scott Reed and guests Sam Angima, assistant dean of outreach and engagement in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and Jay Noller, department head of Crop & Soil Science (and hemp expert), as they update us on the hemp discussion tools available to Extension employees. These tools include a phone — or office visit — triage document, that has been shared with Extension and Ag Experiment Station offices, to help us respond to questions from people registered to grow or handle industrial hemp, or those just interested in learning more about the crop.

Where do you think hemp production will rank in Oregon’s agricultural commodities in 2020 (nursery products currently rank #1)? Share your best guess by commenting below.

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2 thoughts on “Hemp – Responding to inquiries

  1. I believe that Industrial Hemp will rank fourth in the ranking of agricultural commodities in 2020. –Mary Stewart

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