Vince Adams, Oregon State University Extension community educator, joins Scott Reed, vice provost for University Outreach and Engagement for this month’s First Monday Update. A collaborative effort between The Ford Family Foundation and OSU Extension’s Rural Communities Explorer, Scott describes Oregon By the Numbers as new, innovative and useful.

Vince writes in the foreword to the report, “that the concept for the report arose out of a question: What are the essential measures that all Oregon decision makers should be able to immediately access for their community?” Oregon By the Numbers provides an overview of the state and snapshots for each county allowing for county comparisons and more.

View the video to find out how you can get your hands on a copy and for a surprise (at least Vince was surprised!).

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4 thoughts on “Oregon By the Numbers

  1. This sounds like a great report to have in every Extension office. Thank you Vince and congratulations on your coin!

  2. Vince, Congratulations!!! Thanks for your leadership and knowledge. Not only is this a great resource but your team has been so helpful when I have needed help with data!

  3. First as a RARE AmeriCorps serving in rural Oregon and now as a member of Extension, I have nothing but appreciation and gratitude for Vince’s work with Rural Communities Explorer. A well deserved coin indeed!


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