Lucas Turpin, director of information technology for University Outreach and Engagement and College of Agricultural Sciences, joined Vice Provost Scott Reed for this month’s First Monday Update. As the year winds down, you should ramp up efforts to protect your personal and work data. Lucas shares the five cyber security actions you should take.

Scott would like to know what piece of technology you’d like to receive for the holidays this year. Please share by commenting on this post.

Happy holidays!

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7 thoughts on “Cyber Security: Protect your data

  1. Dear Santa Scott,
    I’ve been a good girl and a good employee this year. Though my wish for technology items could be lengthy, what I really would like is:
    -An Apple watch – for emergency health tracking and general mobile efficiency, and
    -A few more WiFi smart plugs – so I can have Alexa communicate with more appliances
    -And, of course, fiber optic cable worldwide, promoting world education and peace.
    I hope you can oblige;)
    Happy holidays!

  2. well, I’m not always up on the latest tech stuff but I’d sure love a tablet! I’m always making notes at meetings and wind up with those notes in random notebooks and on scrap paper depending on where I have that thought. A tablet (the kind that everyone is writing their notes on at conference!) would at least get those notes/ideas in one place 🙂


  3. Dear Santa Scott,

    I’d love a drone to take aerial photos of farm fields. That’s next level diagnostics!

    Thinking wishfully,

  4. I LOVE the creativity and practical nature of these requests. While I’m unsure of my pull, given the opportunity, I will advocate for satisfying these items!

  5. On Cyber Security: Just got my email from Marriott/Starwood that customer data (including credit card info, personal data, and more) has been hacked since 2014! It affects approximately 500 million customers across the world! When traveling via PDX, our department personnel would often stay overnight at the Sheraton for an early morning flight. We’re now all at risk for identity theft. Time to change passwords, monitor credit, and use the free options for credit/Web monitoring service.

  6. Dear Santa Scott,
    I am not usually the first to jump on the bandwagon for new technology, but I can see that there are some great opportunities out there! I would love an apple watch for myself personally. And for the office, I would love to get 3 ipads for programming and fair!

    Debi Warnock


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