The Office of Youth Safety & Compliance is a new department in the Division of Student Affairs focused on policies for all youth programs affiliated with Oregon State University, which includes the more than 270 youth-centered programs within OSU Extension and about 200 more campus-based youth programs.

Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs Dan Larson, and Marilyn Lesmeister, Volunteer Development and Risk Management Specialist for OSU Extension Service and interim Co-Director of the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance, join Vice Provost Scott Reed for this month’s First Monday Update.

The new Office of Youth Safety & Compliance will provide easy access to OSU youth safety policies, best practices, resources, and one location for links to OSU safety-related forms. The office will communicate with Extension professionals and visit programs to identify ways to support youth safety effectively. The Office of Youth Safety & Compliance will be a valuable partner to Extension programs involving youth.

Learn more by watching the video. And let Scott know how the programs you intersect and work with inspire youth to continue their education, by commenting on this blog post.

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2 thoughts on “Youth Safety

  1. Hi all! OSU is lucky to have Marilyn’s expertise to share with the whole university, not just the 4-H program. As we know, the OSU 4-H program offers a multitude of opportunities to put youth on the path to higher education, and specifically programs like Summer Conference that get kids on campus are very effective!

    • You’re right on both counts, Deb! Marilyn’s a great asset to Extension and Extension helps kids and families think about and be successful accessing higher education.


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